The Second Support: 17.10.2017

It was a normal working day on 17.10.2017. As usual, I came to work on time and was expecting an ordinary day in office. My mood was actually the samempty pavement and modern buildings in citye as most days, with calmness and at peace. Though I could not foresee what was going to happen, the First SUPPORT on 13.10.2017 had subconsciously equipped me to face the many challenges I could not have expected at that time, that would follow. The unexpected, happened for the first time, at office, at around 10am. I was seating on my comfortable chair, working with the computer. Then the drama began, a huge pressure stroke me. This pressure was like my brain, my head, was being attacked from all positions. Imagine the scenario that many forceful knives were trying to hit my head all at the same time, and you would know that by all expectation I was about to be doomed. The first reaction, subconsciously, was that, I had no choice, but to surrender. The idea that I was going to call a day-off to rest started floating in my mind. Before I actually did that, the miracle then happened. I didn’t actually perform any miracle, but I just thought of the miracle from this blog. Immediately, I felt the SUPPORT and then, my mind changed position, rising from an abyss to a summit. It was certainly a milestone victory against the pressure, and then I had the energy, enthusiasm, and power to work even better than normal working days.

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