The Third Support: 6.1.2018

White headphones with red heart sign in the middle on blue surface

Today was a normal Saturday as I accompanied my son Jake to play soccer and brought him to English tutoring class in the afternoon. I was very energetic as usual as I had some support from my 10 dreams in the morning which taught me some new insights and knowledge. The music that I had been listening each day for the previous 3 years: Merry Christmas from Aaron Kwok, had provided me support today both in the morning and afternoon. The miracle then happened around 6:30pm. I was listening to the Merry Christmas song, at that time, and I felt the music going weird. The previous time when I had heard such music going weird was when I thought of a wrongdoing I have done, and support had deserted me, leaving me in a shock, worried, scared and vacuum state of mind. That feeling was a very bad feeling which was similar to a sudden collapse of feeling. However, today, when I had the same sudden collapse of feeling, the SUPPORT stayed with me, and enabled me to endure this dramatic collapse of feeling with hope, love, optimism, happiness and enthusiasm. The weirdness entered my mind, but the SUPPORT prevailed. It was a big milestone for me as my faith had become stronger and stronger, waiting for the next SUPPORT with confidence and expectation.

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