The First Support: 11.1.2018

Praying Hands

After the shielding and protection from the SUPPORT this morning at work, I was grateful that another SUPPORT happened at night. I was at one of the best shapes in morning and afternoon and I was expecting the same situation at night. But of course, there was a saying, what goes up must come down, the sudden pressure happened at around 10pm. At that moment, I was talking to and accompanying my wife to sleep. And then I switched on the mobile and read the news. It was a generally nervous and sensitive moment in my mind as I recalled a bad dream last year that was about something I had done wrong in the past. I could only fantasize that such a dream was from some kind of evil I could not visualize as in the same morning I had heard in a dream that I would be continuously protected. As a result of this sensitivity at that moment, my mind was swung to a downward spiral. Everything in my mind collapsed, and I was simply helpless. I then switched off the news site and turned on the music. Then, without any expectation or anticipation, I suddenly felt the SUPPORT, and my mind was turned from huge downward emotions to an extremely high emotional level. The SUPPORT that I felt was the strongest among all support that I had encountered in the past. The feeling was very forceful and it was very obvious it was some kind of “help” from an unknown source that I could not identify at the moment. Anyway, I firmly believe it was from God, and He helped me to overcome this difficult moment.

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