The First Support: 14.1.2018

Love concepts, heart in hands

Having initially conquered my fear with a series of support and the SUPPORT I had mentioned previously in my blog post, today was a date of celebration, as I had a breakthrough in the journey of the SUPPORT. This afternoon at around 2:30pm I was sleeping on my sofa when I had a dream of doing something wrong and in the same instance saw a time. What was the reason for such vision I now had yet to comprehend, but I am sure in the coming future there will be answers to this vision. Asking myself what this revelation meant and carrying on picking up Jake from a music lesson, I arrived at the lift at my place’s lobby. Together with Jake and two other people we went into the lift. We, as usual, pressed the buttons of our individual floors. And suddenly a feeling of embarrassment and guilty had started to occupy my state of mind. It was a feeling that when happened in the past would make me in a weak position, and expected, would affect the physical and mental proper functioning of my body. However, I then had an instant flash of hope for fighting back of this bad feeling, I lifted up my head, and then the SUPPORT came to me at the same time. My weak mind had then instantly changed to a strong mind, with power, energy, and enthusiasm, overcoming and conquering the bad emotions. This resembles the dream that I had before.  Was the SUPPORT today a prologue to what will happen in the future revealed to me in today’s vision?

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