The Support Explanation: 15.1.2018

adult and child hands holding red heart, health care love and family concept

One of the readers of my blog had given me a comment about me not explicitly stated that it was God who gave me the support. What she said was how can I show my witness to God if I do not believe the SUPPORT is from God and He is helping me? I have absolute faith that the SUPPORT is from God but I cannot prove it. And I am sure there will be mysteries of the SUPPORT that is yet to be disclosed. So I take the strategy to wait for confirmation. But the wait had finally arrived, tonight. It was a series of events that had led to tonight’s explanation. It was not a disclosure from vision, or calling, or dreams, but from a series of feelings.

Today at around 7:30pm I was reading the news. Conflicting thoughts occupied my mind as I struggled between pressure and support, seemingly a battle between light and evil. Not only was I weak in my mind, my body near my stomach was also under some pain pressure. I then sat down on the sofa, beginning to write something about this blog. Immediately, the battle slightly turned tiles, and I felt better both in the mind and the body. But there was no obvious support that I felt. Sustaining myself from pressure, I then went into the bathroom and was about to take a bath. I switched on the music, and in my mind, there was a flash of thinking “I am proud to say that the SUPPORT is from God”, I then felt the SUPPORT, and was in great shape again for the rest of the night. Though the SUPPORT was not as great in feeling as compared to the SUPPORT incident on 11.1.2018, it was already an initial recognition and confirmation of the fact that God gave me the SUPPORT, I believe.

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