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The Journey: Work 29.4.2018

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Today I am going to talk about the practical world and God, and elaborate further on the second point on “Pure Heart” and will quote from Matthew in the Bible to those younger audiences, and why and how believing God will change your life, forever.

Matthew 6:33:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

What Jesus said is that “all these things”, including what we eat, drink and wear will be given to us if we seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I understand most of you may argue that I have a job in a particular industry, and am relatively well off, why do I need God in the first place? Please know that the fact that you have a job, have some work talent or are rich, clearly shows that God creates and loves us, to the extent that Christians and unbelievers are all belong to His circle of love. But you have to understand that all your wealth and your talent, are given by Him. Therefore, you are already near your summit in the world, by having a job, or a management position, which is given by Him. It’s time to learn the Bible, as you learn hand in hand with your knowledge of the world. And you will find it amazing to know both sides of the teaching. And further to this it is also time to rethink: why not give myself a try to believe in God, in which “all these things (which including eternal life) will be added to you?” What I am emphasizing is, give yourself a try, read the Bible, and you will find life more rewarding and joyful than you can imagine.

I will further elaborate to two different age groups, and show you how to have an alternative point of view, to life and belief.

If you are in your 20’s to 30’s, most of you may just be at the start of your career. You will have the opportunities to learn the system of the World: How people relate to each other in society, how you use your talent to better perform at work, and your relationship with your families. You will have a clear view of your position at work, role in the society and love from your family. As you grow, learn new things, and mature, it is also the time for you to lead a balanced life: to know the world and God, His words and His love. The best way to know God is to talk to friends of yours who are Christians, they will be happy to answer your questions: Why do I have to believe in God? Why does He loves us so much that He sent His son to die for us so that we have everlasting life?

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you will know what is love: It is sort of a human emotions and relationships that make you happier, a kind of support, and make you more beautiful. People in love are very different, they are filled with love, and perform much more better at work. But just imagine the big and unconditional love from God, you will find life very different if you have a loving relationship with God. You will be happier, rewarding, and have more energy and enthusiasm at work. And the fact is that your lover will only be with you for a limited time frame, but God is with you for the whole day, week, month, and year. He is like a lover watching you from afar in an important competition, giving you cheers and support, and never goes away, and will be with you all the time. One of the more distressing and sad thing about our loving relationship between couples is some consider that love or their marriage is a transaction, but God’s love to you is never a transaction, it is pure love and unconditional. Imagine that it is a love that is not because of any return of favours or any usefulness in our loving life, and the fact that He will not desert you if you are in your lowest point of life, such as being redundant in work or the loss of a family member, and further more, He will show you mercy and “these things will be added to you”. Matthew says, why not give it a try to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”, and His promise will give you everything you need, coupled with a love that will certainly give you a success in life, and beyond.

Give yourself a try, and talk to a Christian, or pick up a Bible, and as a start read one of the four Gospels, Mark, Matthew, Luke or John. I can assure you, your life will be blessed, and you will enjoy a life, because of His love to you, that you cannot imagine before you believe in God.

Tomorrow I will talk about advice and a different perspective and view of life for those in the 30’s and upwards. Thanks for following.

The Journey: The Recovery 28.4.2018

Recovery sign

In our life journey, we will face a lot of ups and downs. For example, we may not be able to get into a good school, we may endure a life threatening disease, or we may experience the loss of our loved ones. Though I had not yet experienced these unfortunate events, I can imagine those people’s sorrow, grieving and mourning. The good news is, you are not alone. You are not alone in facing these distress, God will be with you.

Let’s look at this beautiful passage from Matthew 5:4: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Literally it means that God will comfort those who mourn. In this context, when you are experiencing some hardship, God is with you, and He is present all the time during the difficult part of your journey. Have faith that the hardship is only a small part of our blessed life, think positive and you will realize that every challenge is now a potential celebration moment between you and God. Doesn’t make sense? See my example.

Yesterday I had been experiencing some bad and worrying emotions because of a sin I had committed. It is not a big sin, but sin is sin, and God’s standard and expectation of us is very high. My mental mind, throughout the afternoon to night time before I sleep, I was filled with worries, horror and a pessimistic emotion that I thought, I was done. And this uneasiness continued in this morning until I woke up at around 11am. And the recovery then happened. I woke up, switched on the music, and all the worries, all the distress were gone. I was in great shape, and I didn’t fear anything at all. But I realized that I had sinned, so I still kept my happy emotion in check, with a mindset of happiness but admitting that I had sinned.

Reflecting on today’s experiences, I realized that God gave me mercy and strength. I had sinned, but God gave me mercy, and gave me strength so that I can proper function today. I did not deserve to have this mercy, because I had sinned, but I am very, very grateful for this experience of worries to recovery, all in two days. I consider today was a date of celebration, not only because I have another idea to write in this blog, but more importantly, I realize that everything, from my worries to recovery, is given by God. Therefore, the unfortunate event, in my mind yesterday, leads to a celebration moment today, because I had gone through the difficult journey, with God. He had healed me of my worries, He had mercy on me and He had done a mental miracle, to me. So the implication is God loves me, but still, I have to remember the fact that I have to be careful of sins, the great weapon of Satan, and to remind myself that if I sinned, I need to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

The Journey: Pure Part One

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Today I will further talk about “Pure heart”. If you are new to this blog, please click and read the followings:

  1. The Journey: The Temptation
  2. The Journey: Pure 26.4.2018

Yesterday one of my readers asked me about walking the narrow road (Matthew 7:13-14). I am going to give you three idea:

  1. Read the Bible, learn the teachings of Jesus, and follow his footsteps;
  2. Forego our desire for enjoyment, money and power, and
  3. Make decisions unconditionally and show Him that you love Him with concrete actions.

I will try to explain the “Pure Heart” concept in the coming three days. Thank you for staying tuned.

I had talked about temptations before, how I was faced with the dilemma of going the narrow road, which was difficult but rewarding, or following the wide road, which led to destruction. (Matthew 7:13-14) This serves as both a teaching and warning from Jesus: the wide road leads to destruction. And the first step, as has been taught by Jesus, towards doing the right thing, which is travelling the narrow road, isn’t that difficult after all. You can do that. I say once again, you can do that, in this present age. For this present age purity, I will talk tomorrow.

By saying that you can do that, means the first step towards the narrow road is both a difficult, and an easy one. The first important step is to study the Bible. Studying the Bible means reading and understanding the life and teachings of Jesus, to admit that He is our Saviour, and to follow His teachings in our everyday lives when making choices and decisions. His teachings are the fundamental and building block principles of our everyday lives, His way is “the way”. For those of you who have not yet come across the idea of reading the Bible, now is the best time for you to give it a try. I understand it is a difficult decision to try to pick up the Bible to read, as this first step, and the decision to read the Bible, may deter many people. Reading the Bible, as is the first step towards the narrow road and purity, is difficult, but once you start reading it, you will find reading the Bible very fruitful, and will be easy once you make the first move. You’ll love reading the Bible, once you start believing in Jesus, because you have already started a great relationship with God, the loving, pure and unconditional relationship with God.

After successfully convincing yourself that you will give it a try to lead a new direction in life, the temptations then follow. You will be tempted towards many things that Satan, the Devil, will hope to destroy your relationship with God. And one of the important concepts is the desire for enjoyment, money and power. This is what Matthew described as the wide road, which leads to destruction. We can expect to have a rough ride to get rid of these temptations and “wrong” way of life, but let me remind you, in our present age, we are fortunate enough to know that we do have the capacities to walk this narrow road, that is to forego our desire and work with God, in much easier circumstances. But you have to prepare for a change of mindset, in which the Bible will transform you.

Please continue to read my blog post tomorrow, which will talk about the topic of foregoing our desire for enjoyment, money and power. Please stay tuned, you might have a paradigm shift.

The Journey: Pure 26.4.2018

Coins and plant, Successful investment.

Thank you all very much for following this blog. This post is one of my best, so far.

After explaining the “Temptation” yesterday, I faced another temptation in the afternoon, today. This morning was a normal working date, and I had difficulties in working because I broke my glasses while I was sleeping in early morning. However, I enjoy working in my office, because I have a Christian boss and we treasure our time in talking and discussing the Bible. After work, I started to go home. I had a strange feeling today, while I was travelling with the MTR train, I felt content, happy and enthusiastic. This was a feeling that I had not experienced before, but unexpectedly, it proved to be an introductory feeling before the drama, and the sense of blessing, before the Pure decision that I made in the afternoon.

After arriving in Lam Tin MTR station, I then went to McDonald to buy something to eat. As I treasured my time with God, I bought a heavy meal set to eat, so that I could sleep better, hopefully God would talk to me in dreams when I finished my lunch. And so I went to sleep afterwards. Guess what, I had a dream, in two words, meaning working in the Accounting Department of a prestigious Swiss Investment Bank. I was very excited, as yesterday God told me to walk the narrow road, and today I had this dream. Was it God’s will to me to try to apply for this job?

Delighted, I then applied an accounting position through the web site. Immediately after this, I traveled again with the MTR train to reflect on what happened today. Obviously, if being selected to a position in this firm, I can expect an increase of salary and the feeling of self-importance, egoistic and sense of pride. However, is this what Jesus had taught us in Matthew 7:13-14 regarding the narrow road we must go?

I had gone through the first temptation yesterday about the choice of narrow and wide road, the fundamental and building blocks of the principle of a decision of narrow and wide. And I had chosen the narrow road for God, believing and accepting Jesus’s teaching, yesterday. I then faced the real application of the decision today: the before decision of whether to accept this position if I am offered. With the teaching already digested, I then faced the real test, the real Pure decision when the applied temptation arrived. Not focusing on how much more money I can earn, how many beautiful dinners I can have, and how privileged I can feel, I then made a Pure decision: I will travel the narrow road, the difficult but rewarding path, walking with Jesus. And I know the real question is not about how much money I can pay my wife to buy more shoes, or for my son to purchase more gears, but to think of, more importantly, how my choice will work for God and for the betterment of the Church. As a result, I made a proud decision, before I was actually hired, that was to forget about the application, dismiss my thoughts of how much I can gain, but how much I can give to God and to His Church in the present situation and position.

But the “Pure” decision is not only that. A Pure decision is one in which we make a decision, without thinking of any advantages or disadvantages for ourselves, but a decision that comes before these considerations, and a decision that is made purely for God, unconditionally and not thinking of any rewards. As a result, I was very, very happy today. Though I did not cry out because of this, but I know I had done the right thing, and I had once again, “showed my loyalty and love to God”. You cannot imagine, unless you practiced it yourself, how happy and blessed I was today. By making this pure decision, it would be one of many days that I, in the future, that I would remember, like the anniversary celebration of my marriage with my wife. And today marked a celebration, privately, between me and God, for the many days that will follow. If I can, can you?

The Journey: The Temptation

Country Road at Dawn

The first temptation happened today, 25th April 2018. This morning I dreamed of myself going through a narrow road. The dream reminded me of Matthew 7:13-14 which I had been studying recently. The Bible teaches us that we should follow the narrow gate or road, a life following Jesus’s teachings and ways of life and one of seeking and doing God’s will on earth. However, it is also a difficult and sacrificial life. As compared to the wider gate or road, in which it is an easy and life of enjoyment, the wide road leads to destruction, as mentioned in the Bible, and many enter through it.

During the train ride this afternoon to the airport, I had another dream, which reminded me of the fact that I have two roads in front of me, the narrow and the wide ones. It was a difficult decision, because who would have chosen a road that is hard and difficult, in which we have to abandon our desire for enjoyment and lust? Most people would choose a life of luxury, and their aim of life would be to make more money and treasures on earth. But the Bible teaches us that “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven” (Matthew 6:20) and “You can’t serve both God and wealth.” (Matthew 6:24). We have to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, love our neighbours as we love ourselves, follow the Ten Commandments, Jesus’s teachings, read the Bible and do good to others. Then we can be proud as Christians, and lead a life of narrow road, which leads to “Life” (Matthew 7:14), the true Life.

The fact I choose “Temptation” as today’s topic is because, in our lives, we always come across with different types of temptations: First, when others sin, we tend to be critical, and judgmental to them although we forget that we also sin most of the time. The Bible teaches us that “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (Matthew 7:1). Therefore, we will be faced with the temptation to judge others in this kind of situation. Second, today I was faced with the temptation to decide and pursue on a wide road life today, although I know it is wrong, as the Bible has taught. Can I forego the wealth and easy life to follow Jesus? It is a struggle, but I know I will follow Jesus’s footsteps and be a proud Christian working for God. I can, can you?

The Journey: The Mercy Part Two

The Cross

This is the Mercy part two. For previous posts of the Mercy please click the followings:

The Journey: The Mercy 19.4.2018

The Journey: The Mercy Part One

Today I was reading Matthew 7 and I think there are two verses that fully describe how we can have a close and fruitful relationship with God:

  1. Matthew 22:37, “Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
  2. Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

I will focus my writing on the second part of our relationship with God, namely how we do the will of our Father who is in heaven.

If you had read my previous posts on the Mercy, you may know the followings:

  1. God has mercy on me so that He chooses me to do His will on earth, so that I can share the happiness when His will is done, and
  2. God has mercy on me so that He gives me unconditional love and gifts to do His will on earth, again to share the joyfulness when His will is done.

This morning I had dreamed of seeing visions of pieces of jigsaw puzzles for 14 times. Yes, it’s true, I kept on seeing the puzzles for 14 times. This is a confirmation reminder that I am not only a spectator, but an active participant in doing God’s will on earth. He is telling me that I have a special role in His will, and today is truly a celebrating moment, privately, between me and Him, mostly because I had made a decision yesterday, and that decision was one of integrity, and commitment for my whole self to uphold justice, to give myself fully for every Christians around me in order to facilitate their missions of spreading the gospel. I have only read around 10% of the Bible and I am still far from being ripe to spread the Good News, but I know currently my role is to make sure people around me can do spread the gospel and I am willing to sacrifice myself in order that their missions will continue. Perhaps because of my commitment, and my decision had really touched God, and so He gave me these 14 dreams today to give me an affirmation. How joyful is to know that I am working for God, and to fulfill Matthew 7:21: “only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

To conclude, He has shown Mercy on me by allowing me to do His will on earth, He reminded me of my important role, and He constantly, and continuously communicate the roads and journeys to me through dreams, and giving me the SUPPORT to motivate and give me enthusiasm to do His will. I am proud to consider I am one of the lucky persons in the world. All glories and gratitude are to God, who gives me the Mercy.

The Journey: The Mercy Part One

Christian cross appears bright in the sky

My blog today will further elaborate on the Mercy based on my personal experiences.

My idea for today’s blog post was from a dream I had this morning. It was a friend of mine in Facebook and at the time when I had this dream I subconsciously, in my dream, guessed the birthday of this friend, and it was correct. So my blog will follow on this lead.

As I had discussed yesterday, the Mercy from God was undeserved, unconditional, and a free gift. First of all, we are all sinners. And so we do not deserve this Mercy. Actually, I am a typical example of an everyday sinner, but I pray to God every night to beg for forgiveness. Even though I am trying hard to remember and follow God’s commandments and Bible principles on teaching, I cannot escape the temptations from Satan and I sin, and sin. Therefore I can say that I am not deserved to have this Mercy.

Second, the Mercy from God is unconditional. God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us so that we have eternal life. Similarly, his Mercy is also another form of His Love to us. My experience was that, the Mercy happened in the form of dreams starting in late September 2014. At that time I was under tremendous daily pressure, and these series of dreams actually reinforced my relationship with God, and they helped me to overcome the time of difficulties, and pressure. My faith was becoming stronger and stronger, and my boldness to work and speak up for God was also strengthened. All I can say is, I had not done anything specially for the betterment of the Churches at that time, and I was a normal Catholic, and seldom went to Church. But however, God gave me these dreams without asking me to do anything in return, or because of anything I had done before. It was pure love, a love that was unconditional.

Third, the Mercy from God is a gift. The SUPPORT I had mentioned in another blog was clearly a special gift from God as I guessed very few people would have these same experiences. The SUPPORT was in fact so special, that had inspired me to write a blog spanning a total 174 days. I guess that many bloggers would have the humanly idea to write a neat blog continuously, but in my humble opinion that my writings and ideas were directly, I firmly believe, inspired by God. All I had done was to accept the gift, and wrote the blog, in my own hands. And by this way, I believed I had already done God’s work, that is to spread the Love, the Good News to my audiences.

How blessing is that I have God’s love and gift to spread His words. My do is to write a blog, what’s yours?