The Journey: The First Power 10.4.2018

Technology era, human control of scientific and technological civilization

Today was my first blog post for the Force Journey Blog and a day of extraordinarily happenings.

Today was a normal working day, in which I worked from 9:30am to 1:45pm, as usual. To start the day, I took a taxi from my Lam Tin estate to my office in Wong Chuk Hang. For the past year, when I tried to find a taxi in my estate, I usually had to wait for 15 minutes before there was a taxi arriving at the time frame of 8-9am. This morning, however, there were 3-4 taxis already present and were waiting for customers, so I got in easily.

The working morning was a normal one, though the SUPPORT was with me periodically. After work, I followed my dreams in the morning, and went to TST to see if I could buy a laptop. However, the shop that I was looking for did not sell laptops. Not giving up and quitting, I took a ferry to Central. On board the ferry were people from many nationalities, including a Korean couple dressed in white and many western people there. The ride was a normal one, and I did not feel anything special, but in a happy mode all along. When I reached Central, I then proceeded to Peddar Street to take a taxi to Causeway Bay to buy the laptop. Strangely, no one was waiting at the taxi stand, when usually there were at least 10 people waiting there. I then took a taxi to Times Square. When I arrived at Fortress Electronics Shop, I managed to choose and bought a HP blue coloured laptop, a cheap one which cost around $2,000 dollars.

The extraordinary thing then happened when I went to the taxi stand to wait for a taxi. There were around 8-9 Chinese people waiting for taxis. They were some young couples and few mature Chinese waiting. For quite some time, we were waiting and no taxis were present. After waiting for around 5 minutes, the taxi then arrived. At this particular moment, surrounding by the Chinese and the arrival of the taxis, I then felt the POWER. This was a power which were different, and much stronger than the SUPPORT I had mentioned before, flowing from my lower body upwards to my upper body, and enabled me to face other people with a confidence and power which I had not felt before. I thought the Chinese around me were surprised at my behaviour and performance, and I was confident that, there was a powerful chemistry between me, the Chinese people and Times Square in Causeway Bay. After more than 10 minutes in power, the tide then turned: I felt the dark side of the power. It was a destructive power, which was similar to a strong and powerful knife pointing towards and cutting my mind. Though with the POWER, this dark side of the power overwhelmed me and I nearly fainted as a result. I managed to hang on and soon took a taxi back home.

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