The Journey: The Teaching 14.4.2018

Teaching Handwritten With Blue Marker

Today was a normal Saturday, in which I had discovered the ways of teachings from God and tried to document my experiences here in this blog. By saying that it was God who taught me things, I firmly believed in the teachings, which were taught to me through my dreams.

The first part of the teachings began in early morning. There were a series of dreams, which were interrelated, and procedural, which explained some of the following ideas:

  1. The mention of things, numbers, sceneries, and times. For example: a Lego toy, 182, and a place with trees
  2. The feelings. For example, hot, cold or warm?
  3. The Explanation: For example, what was the corresponding number for a chocolate product?

The above were teachings that were given to me in a series of dreams. I could guess the meanings, and interpreted the significance of these dreams, but I could not be 100% sure of their truthfulness or correctness of their representations. However, since I believed they were God’s teaching, I had full faith that they were true and correct.

The second part of the teachings began in early afternoon. Much had happened in the morning, and dreams that followed in the afternoon taught me two things: First, the further explanations on the dreams in the morning and what happened in the morning. The interesting thing was that as God gave us free will, His teaching focused on things that had already happened and He explained the meaning and significance of these earthly happenings. Second, the procedural will of God that were applicable to my future directions and role in the society. For example, I saw what had happened in the past, what was to happen in the coming one year, and the future ten years that will follow.

The third part of the teachings involved motivations and explanations. After the second dreams in the afternoon, I had encountered some nervous emotions, the then following dreams actually provided me with enthusiasm and motivations to continue on with no worries, which was similar to the SUPPORT I mentioned in my previous blog.

The Fourth part of the teachings was silence. After the third series of motivational dreams, I then thought of a solution to my question. I was tired, and tried to sleep, expecting another dreams to explain my question. But this time God did not give me answers through the dreams. That might be explained by the fact that He might reveal to me at a later time.

All in all, today was a special day in which I had these four series of dreams. Thank you God, I am very grateful for your teaching and training.


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