The Journey: The Mercy 19.4.2018

Mystery Of The Crucifix - Symbol Of Faith

Have you ever thought of doing what God asks us to do? Are you concerned about being one of the apostles? Or if you have a choice, do you want to be part of a team of future workers for God on earth?

First, God created us and does not need anything from us. He is all powerful and can perform any miracles or works. However, in the Bible Matthew 14:13-21, Jesus did perform a miracle to feed the five thousand people by looking up to heaven, and broke the five loaves and two fish, and distribute the food to them by the hands of the apostles. One might ask why God had needed the apostles to break the bread and gave them to those five thousand? God could fill the stomach of those five thousand by His way, or could drop the loaves to them without the need for the apostles to handle and distributed to them. Here we could see, God chose people to work for him because He had mercy on us and He wanted us to share His glory, miracles and love to other people. Jesus had chosen 12 apostles to follow him, to know his teachings, and to witness his life of glory and resurrection to save our sin. After learning with Jesus, these 12 apostles soon became leaders of the church and were sent out to spread the words of God. By saying that God has mercy on us and chooses us to work for Him, He not only gives us great honour to work for Him, He also permits and allows us to learn with Him by His teachings, and also the execution of His will by our humanly method, in our own hands.

This mercy, which can be explained in another way as compassion, is a gift from God even though we are not deserved to accept. We all are sinners, but God has compassion on us, so He gives us chances to work for Him and let us to be proud of our self, to have joy, and share the successful accomplishments in God’s work.

To quote myself as an example, I started to have dreams and visions in late September 2014, and that was the time I began to gradually realize that I was to work for God. However, I was a big sinner and I had not done anything specially concrete for the better of the churches on earth. As a result, I was not, in humanly speaking terms, deserved to have the honour to work for God. However, God had compassion on me and chose me, I firmly believe, to work for him in the coming days. Nowadays, as can be seen from my other blog, I felt the SUPPORT from God, and had some 70 dreams in a record single day. I was honoured to say that I was proud to work for God and have the once in a life time opportunity to work for Him on earth. It was He who gave me a lift when I was in my lowest point in my life, it was He who let me to continue my life, and it was He who had compassion on me and taught me to do a once in a life time sharing work for Him on 12.4.2018 in my Facebook tweet.

However, the mercy of working for God was not the greatest gratitude we can receive from Him. The greatest gift of all, was the fact that He had sent His son, Jesus, to come down on earth, died for us and save us all from the bondage of sins and give us eternal life. We are all sinners, we cannot be free from our sins, we are tempted by Satan all the time, and only Jesus can save us. So praise God and believe in Jesus, and you might one day be chosen by God and will have the great, and the greatest gratitude that only God fearing disciples can experience, in a life of significance, and humbly walking with Him.

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