The Journey: The Mercy Part One

Christian cross appears bright in the sky

My blog today will further elaborate on the Mercy based on my personal experiences.

My idea for today’s blog post was from a dream I had this morning. It was a friend of mine in Facebook and at the time when I had this dream I subconsciously, in my dream, guessed the birthday of this friend, and it was correct. So my blog will follow on this lead.

As I had discussed yesterday, the Mercy from God was undeserved, unconditional, and a free gift. First of all, we are all sinners. And so we do not deserve this Mercy. Actually, I am a typical example of an everyday sinner, but I pray to God every night to beg for forgiveness. Even though I am trying hard to remember and follow God’s commandments and Bible principles on teaching, I cannot escape the temptations from Satan and I sin, and sin. Therefore I can say that I am not deserved to have this Mercy.

Second, the Mercy from God is unconditional. God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us so that we have eternal life. Similarly, his Mercy is also another form of His Love to us. My experience was that, the Mercy happened in the form of dreams starting in late September 2014. At that time I was under tremendous daily pressure, and these series of dreams actually reinforced my relationship with God, and they helped me to overcome the time of difficulties, and pressure. My faith was becoming stronger and stronger, and my boldness to work and speak up for God was also strengthened. All I can say is, I had not done anything specially for the betterment of the Churches at that time, and I was a normal Catholic, and seldom went to Church. But however, God gave me these dreams without asking me to do anything in return, or because of anything I had done before. It was pure love, a love that was unconditional.

Third, the Mercy from God is a gift. The SUPPORT I had mentioned in another blog was clearly a special gift from God as I guessed very few people would have these same experiences. The SUPPORT was in fact so special, that had inspired me to write a blog spanning a total 174 days. I guess that many bloggers would have the humanly idea to write a neat blog continuously, but in my humble opinion that my writings and ideas were directly, I firmly believe, inspired by God. All I had done was to accept the gift, and wrote the blog, in my own hands. And by this way, I believed I had already done God’s work, that is to spread the Love, the Good News to my audiences.

How blessing is that I have God’s love and gift to spread His words. My do is to write a blog, what’s yours?

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