The Journey: Pure 26.4.2018

Coins and plant, Successful investment.

Thank you all very much for following this blog. This post is one of my best, so far.

After explaining the “Temptation” yesterday, I faced another temptation in the afternoon, today. This morning was a normal working date, and I had difficulties in working because I broke my glasses while I was sleeping in early morning. However, I enjoy working in my office, because I have a Christian boss and we treasure our time in talking and discussing the Bible. After work, I started to go home. I had a strange feeling today, while I was travelling with the MTR train, I felt content, happy and enthusiastic. This was a feeling that I had not experienced before, but unexpectedly, it proved to be an introductory feeling before the drama, and the sense of blessing, before the Pure decision that I made in the afternoon.

After arriving in Lam Tin MTR station, I then went to McDonald to buy something to eat. As I treasured my time with God, I bought a heavy meal set to eat, so that I could sleep better, hopefully God would talk to me in dreams when I finished my lunch. And so I went to sleep afterwards. Guess what, I had a dream, in two words, meaning working in the Accounting Department of a prestigious Swiss Investment Bank. I was very excited, as yesterday God told me to walk the narrow road, and today I had this dream. Was it God’s will to me to try to apply for this job?

Delighted, I then applied an accounting position through the web site. Immediately after this, I traveled again with the MTR train to reflect on what happened today. Obviously, if being selected to a position in this firm, I can expect an increase of salary and the feeling of self-importance, egoistic and sense of pride. However, is this what Jesus had taught us in Matthew 7:13-14 regarding the narrow road we must go?

I had gone through the first temptation yesterday about the choice of narrow and wide road, the fundamental and building blocks of the principle of a decision of narrow and wide. And I had chosen the narrow road for God, believing and accepting Jesus’s teaching, yesterday. I then faced the real application of the decision today: the before decision of whether to accept this position if I am offered. With the teaching already digested, I then faced the real test, the real Pure decision when the applied temptation arrived. Not focusing on how much more money I can earn, how many beautiful dinners I can have, and how privileged I can feel, I then made a Pure decision: I will travel the narrow road, the difficult but rewarding path, walking with Jesus. And I know the real question is not about how much money I can pay my wife to buy more shoes, or for my son to purchase more gears, but to think of, more importantly, how my choice will work for God and for the betterment of the Church. As a result, I made a proud decision, before I was actually hired, that was to forget about the application, dismiss my thoughts of how much I can gain, but how much I can give to God and to His Church in the present situation and position.

But the “Pure” decision is not only that. A Pure decision is one in which we make a decision, without thinking of any advantages or disadvantages for ourselves, but a decision that comes before these considerations, and a decision that is made purely for God, unconditionally and not thinking of any rewards. As a result, I was very, very happy today. Though I did not cry out because of this, but I know I had done the right thing, and I had once again, “showed my loyalty and love to God”. You cannot imagine, unless you practiced it yourself, how happy and blessed I was today. By making this pure decision, it would be one of many days that I, in the future, that I would remember, like the anniversary celebration of my marriage with my wife. And today marked a celebration, privately, between me and God, for the many days that will follow. If I can, can you?

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