The Journey: Ask Part One

This blog posting was about “asking” God for guidance. Please refer to another blog post of mine 4 days ago by clicking this: The Journey: Ask 5.5.2018

And once again I am quoting Matthew 7:7 as a reference to my explanation of my asking from God:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If you have read my previous blog post on 5.5.2018 with the above link, I did “ask” God for His word, guidance, and way. And at that time, when I had asked Him, in less than 5 seconds, I saw a hand-written word: Children. Then we fast forward to yesterday afternoon, and I asked God again, while I was sleeping. This time I dreamt of 2 things, the first was an image of a child holding hand with an adult, and a pink and white bag.

Shopping bags isolated on white background

So the “children” dream was confirmed and I then realized that the dream of the pink and white bag can be interpreted as a worldly material possession, and a support from God. For normal people and non-mature Christians, they should be very happy about this. They would think, well, I have asked God, and now He shows me something He would give to me, and it is a nice and beautiful bag, how loving is our God. But if you think this way, it is wrong, I mind you, you are thinking of the wrong way. Please take a look at Matthew 6:33

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

This passage reminds us that, we have to seek first his kingdom and righteousness, then the “gift” will be given to you. Rather than dwelling on the happiness of rejoicing over His gift to you, which in my case is a pink and white bag and support, we should instead keep “asking” Him to teach us His kingdom and righteousness and at the same time keep “asking” Him to show us the way of “seeking” them. He might give you an answer to your first request, or He may reveal His will to you in a gradual way. So do not be discouraged or disheartened if He does not answer your prayer the first few times or give you some answers which might appear vague in nature. Keep in faith that He will answer your prayer at a pre-determined time and patiently wait for His calling.

Another way of interpreting the “asking” in my example is, I should be relieved that as long as I am doing God’s will, and seeking his kingdom and righteousness, I should not worry about worldly resources that most people are looking after. Just before Jesus sent out His twelve disciples, He asked them not to worry about resources. Please read Matthew 10:9-11

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts—no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep. Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave.”

Jesus said to them, do not worry about what you eat, drink or how much gold, silver or copper you have, just keep on going to each town and find the “worthy” person, and you then have a place to stay and things to eat. Jesus was reminding them that they should focus their mind and time on preaching, and not on always thinking of ways to earn more money. This is certainly true and applies to our daily life as well. Instead of thinking of ways to earn more money by our own worldly method, we should be relying on God by first asking and seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness, then we will find our needed resources. And be content, enough resources should be enough, and do not be tempted by having more and more wealth, because money is a by-product of our asking and seeking, rather than the main aim of us, and our way of life.

In my case, I have never doubted of my financial future, as I know God will give me appropriate provision, and I am also not worried about my future health expenses, because I believe in God. Please see my previous blog post on Health by clicking this: The Journey: Health 2.5.2018. I know as long as I still have a role on earth to serve God and human, I never doubt for a single minute about the resources that God would provide. And if my mission, that is my life, on earth was accomplished, I would be happy to get retired anytime soon, as I know my whole life has been well spent for God, and I am proud to have done God’s will and glorify Him on earth.




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