The Journey: Solution, World System 19.5.2018

Male and female hikers climbing up mountain cliff and one of them giving helping hand.

Today I am going to describe how the World and its underlying education system have failed some of our students and teenagers, who are supposed to be our future leaders. Please read Proverbs 3:6

“in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

This passage talks about the need for us, whether I am a primary or secondary school student, a 20’s something up to the day before we die, we need to follow Jesus’ teachings, follow the ten commandments, and his new Commandment of “Love, service, and sacrifice for one another”, then God will make our path straight. “Straight path” means going the right way, making the right decisions that please God, and the path will lead us to God, heaven and eternal life. And it is a straight path, with fewer chances to be led astray by other people.

Speaking of being led astray or misled, I feel sorrow and empathy to those teenagers who are between the age of 10 to 20’s. At this time period, they are starting to experience, see and feel the world, but given that their Biblical foundations are normally not strong enough, they are very vulnerable to the trap of Satan, and in our world from those evil individuals. The situation is even worse for those extra talented good kids, who are most susceptible to the evil deeds of the dark side. The dark side and the evil one will use all of their available armies and resources to attack these innocent kids, and since these kids normally have not heard of the Bible, or believe in Jesus, how do they get themselves to put on the whole “armour of God”, Ephesians 6:10-18, to defend themselves, and just by themselves?

And because our Education system is like the teens spend around 6 hours at school, who they associate with will probably decide their journey when they finish college. And because they spend so much time in school, they do have fewer opportunities to read the Bible, and so these kids are seriously tilted towards the worldly knowledge. After finishing school at 3pm and then doing 1-2 hours of classwork, they usually have no further time to study the Bible, given they have to do attend extra tuition classes like language or art, or do some sports. And given that most Moms and Dads have work to do, and they have to attend to their problems after work, such as studying and cooking, they have fewer time to communicate with their child. In this way, when the child has a problem, a religious problem, under the current worldly and education system, the answer for them will probably be from their friends. Do you expect an 11-year-old kid can and wise enough to solve a problem that involves difficult concepts? And will the child be misled by some other evil people who take pride to cheat others and laugh away after their “teaching” or “consultation”? They need your help, all your help, and this is the time we can do something extra to have a debate on how to change the world.

After talking with a few teachers, I can propose a fix, a serious one. People talk about fixing the system, but I think, for the time being, we can only improve the system. In Hong Kong, our Education Bureau had just recently announced the arrangement of “one school social worker for each school” policy in primary schools. The proposal is to make it mandatory to have one social worker to cater to the needs and problems of those school’s students that they are responsible. This is certainly a big improvement in the student-counselor relationship, but it is still a far cry from solving the real situations of the students: they need one on one consultation from Christians who know the implications and teaching of the Bible. In the current state, there are around 30% of our population who are Christians, normal Christians who go to church regularly and who may or may not know the Bible main messages or focus. And probably only 5% of our population regularly read the Bible and are ready to teach the younger people about the Bible. So you see only 5% of our population can give a special counseling to the 11% of the population who are young kids. So currently the ratio is 1 to 2. The maximum solution is to have 1 Christian for 2 kids.

As a result, if we want to help our next generation to become God-fearer and to save them from the onslaught from the attack of the evil one, our most immediate solution is to encourage and motivate more mature people to read and learn from the Bible, to the ultimate state that they can teach others. And when time comes and everything points to the possibility and probability of a fixation, we can then change the system gradually to have a one on one teaching, in terms of teaching the good news from God to these kids. I think this is the only solution to help these potentially troubled kids, but which means that every Christian is not only a Bible reader in their lives anymore but become a preacher and counselor to every child on earth, whether this is paid or voluntary. If every one of us takes the extra step to spend some 30 minutes each day on these teenagers, we can change the world to the better, and our actions will please and glorify God and He will make our path straight.

However, such vision or act is just like an umbrella to solve the problems of these troubled kids. If they require special consultation, they probably need specially trained counselor to solve their problems, and it is probably too much of a high order to expect the preaching of the good news can solve every problem, such as the provision of food, or the pressure from school and friends. But since God willed the city of Nineveh to be preached to turn from non-believers to believers in God, by the act of only one person Jonah, we Christians have to believe ourselves and God. We just have to try our best and hopefully, when the time comes, the solution will be presented, in time.

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