The First Love and Hate System: 6.6.2018

Young Child's Hands Praying on Holy Bible

Today I am going to talk about love and hate again. If you had read my previous blog post, The Journey: Love or Hate 12.5.2018, I had explained some of the concepts of love and hate. They are both emotions that we have at different times or period in our life. And our emotions tend to change as we journey in this world. I would say that there is a love system and a hatred system, and in between, there is a peace system. We enjoy the loving feeling when we are in the love system, but we would find it difficult to escape the feeling of hatred when we are in the hate system, even if we choose not to have. For me, as a Christian, I have experienced a gradual, but continuous transformative of feelings to reside in the love system, which I believed other Christians would share the same feelings also. Once we believe in God, we feel happy and joyful most of our time, most probably because we know His love and occasionally God is with us. However, from time to time we would still be emotionally offended and we would be furious and this sentiment then leads us into the hatred system. Once we enter into the hatred system and starting to feel angry and hate others, we will lose our spiritual direction, we will be blinded by it and it will affect our performance at work and our interaction with other people. Have you felt the hatred in your heart sometime and are helpless? I had felt it too, until that eventful afternoon on 6th June 2018.

I had a few dreams on that morning and they were good ones, and so I had a fruitful and happy morning at work. I went to buy lunch in one of the nearby restaurants and I had a 30 minutes sleep afterward. And I had experienced some sort of confusion in my mind after a few dreams, but the start of the afternoon at work was smooth. Then after a while, I read the news, and I started to feel the hatred and I, involuntarily was starting to go to step into the hatred system. In the next 10 minutes, I felt a slight bitterness in my mind, and I was usually powerless and vulnerable in front of it. Just as I was expecting to step onto the main block of the hatred system and was about to lose my good and happy emotions in the peace system, I felt the SUPPORT, a forceful “pull” of myself out of the hatred system and set foot in the love system. It was not a gradual erosion of the feeling of hate, but a one-off victory over it. The pull was a strong powerful force which completely overwhelmed the hatred in my mind and I, for the rest of the afternoon, felt great in the love system, with energy and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on this victory of the love, all I can say is this was a milestone mercy and a mental miracle from God which allowed me to escape the hatred bondage and enjoy my working period in the love system. In the past, I would consider myself very lucky if I could keep calm in my mind when the feeling of hatred started to fill my whole mind, but on this occasion, it was a comprehensive victory of the love over hatred. I was a spectator, as everything happened in my mind, and all that happened was that I sat on the chair comfortably and wholly felt the SUPPORT working and transforming my emotions. I firmly believe that the SUPPORT was from God and today’s incident was a victory of the love over hatred, in which I was a witness, but not an actual participant in this extraordinary experience. The “pull” was indeed a miraculous power which allowed me to work with energy and enthusiasm, and it had not happened before in my up to 20 years’ work experiences. I was most honoured to be the witness of this special happenings and grateful for the feeling of love in contrast to the expectation of residing in the hatred system, from God. The love has won, momentarily for the whole afternoon on that day, and will it last in the future for a longer period? We’ll see.

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