The Second Love and Hate System: 10.6.2018

Holiday gift box or present with bow ribbon against blue bokeh background. Magic christmas greeting card.

Today marked another milestone on the further discovery of the love and hate system: The “pulling” out of the hatred system, the entering of the love system, and the wielding of power in the fight against evil by the given mental power, I firmly believe, from God.

Yesterday I had a very disturbing dream. It was similar in nature as to the one-worded nightmare I had heard, back in 13.10.2017 in which I had documented in this blog. See The First Support: 13.10.2017. However, I was fundamentally okay yesterday and I didn’t feel any worries or uneasiness, so to speak. However, When I accompanied my son to today’s music lesson at around 3 o’clock, I felt the full effect of the nightmare’s pressure. Similiar to yesterday’s happenings, I felt some bitterness and tension on the way home, and I was on the brink of stepping into the hatred system, involuntarily. As time went by, the pressure became stronger and stronger, and I was simply powerless to defend from its assault to my mind, and the stress was starting to fill up my whole body. The hatred then began to build up, and slowly it became more and more vigorous. I then arrived home. This assault lasted some 30 minutes, and all I can say was I still, luckily, had not fully entered the hatred system. I could not imagine how was the situation if I had fully entered the hatred system. However, the miracle then occurred. While I was at home in the dining room, I suddenly felt the SUPPORT again. I became energized and excited and I knew that I had been pulled out of the hatred system and entered the love system. I then sensed a victory of the love over the hatred, again, and it proved to be right. I told my wife I wanted to go out to buy something. And during this time, the SUPPORT was with me, and along the way, I was walking powerfully. I walked and walked, and along the way, wielding the given power like an actual participant in the fight against the hatred feeling and the system all these while. I knew I was powerless against the hatred system, but once I was led or pulled out of the hatred system, the situation, with the SUPPORT, then became an overwhelming victory against the hatred feeling. I was partly wielding the power, and at the same time, I knew, I was celebrating, because I knew the hatred was no match to the SUPPORT and I was honoured to be a witness and, I believe, I was a player in this initial match for the good against evil, in my emotion. And I returned home, I knew that the match was won, today, and I then had a peaceful dinner with my wife and son, and patiently but waiting with hope for the next, and the battle, with God.

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