The Fourth Love and Hate System: 18.6.2018

human and love spirit powerful energy connect to the universe power abstract art watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn

Today marked another day of great SUPPORT, a big collapse and then followed by a sizable recovery.

I had dinner in Times Square Pizza Express with my mum tonight. And during this time, I had four extraordinary happenings. The first SUPPORT came after I had ordered the meal, I was filled with power and enthusiasm, and I knew I was wielding power in the peace system. After a while, the second SUPPORT arrived. I was very emotional, and I started to cry. I realized that the reason why I cried was that somehow, I believe, God was with me. And I felt his love today that in the past I had not felt before. I perceived I was in the love system, and I could not control my tears. On the third occasion, my tears had stopped, but I knew I was wielding a power and I visualize a big victory, something like 5-1, against the evil. The feeling was not as strong as before, but I knew it was enough to defeat the evil side, for a certain time. However, as I thought I had won the war against the evil up to now, I then had a reversal of feelings and the realization of the revenge of the evil feeling. Just by one thought, I mean one thought, my mind was moved into the hate system, and everything collapsed, in my mind. It was like jumping from a cliff and I felt I had lost the mental battle. This kind of circumstances had happened in the past, and normally I would suffer both physically and mentally while returning home.

However, today was very different and a milestone victory against the evil emotion and the physical attack. When I was walking to the MTR station to take a train, I felt the SUPPORT, and I knew I returned to the peace system from the hate system. All the while during the trip home, I felt the power and a miraculous physical healing which enabled me to properly function myself. This had not happened before as everytime when there was a collapse of mind when I was fully in the hate system, I couldn’t do anything to defend against it, and a certain doom would happen, and I was done for the rest of the time. However this time around, I was “pulled”, I believe, from God to the peace system and I had been healed from the physical attack.

Reflecting on today’s happenings, I believed that I was working for God, during the time when I had three times of SUPPORT with me. I was beaten by the bad emotion at the end of the meal, but that was not over for my work today. God gave me the SUPPORT, I believe, and I felt the power and energy at the time when I was returning home and when I took a shower after I went home. Even up to now, while I was writing this blog post, I felt the SUPPORT also. Truly, I had the great honour to have the SUPPORT and also working for God today, I believe.

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