The Fifth Love and Hate System: 19.6.2018

Mid section of couple standing with hand in hand

I soon found out today that once I was in the hate system, I was powerless. And the only solution is to take a rest, preferably to sleep for a while, or wait for the help from God.

I had a great morning today, as I had full support all this while. I was energetic, enthusiastic, and worked with a flair that was better than most other mornings. However, I considered that I was not in the love system this morning, as I did not feel any special lovely feelings or visualization. However, the support this morning had already enabled me to enjoy the morning work with joy and dedication.

The tide turned in the afternoon. As usual, I took a nap after lunch, and during this period I had some five to seven dreams. One of them was a bad dream, and I knew instantly that it would affect my afternoon work, in a negative way. During the first hour of my afternoon work, I kept telling myself, “Don’t let the bad dreams affect me, don’t let the fear and hate consume me, try to use any suitable method to prevent myself from falling into the hate system.” Easier said than done, I was gradually being moved into the hate system. My mood and emotions were in negative territory, and the hate had risen from my heart to my head, and it affected my working ability and my communication with colleagues. At 4:30pm, I was fully in the hate system and I was powerless against it.

Reflecting on today’s happenings, all I can say is once I am moved or been “pushed” into the hate system, there is nothing I can do, except taking a rest or waiting for a miracle from God to happen. It would be very awkward to sleep while I was working, but the mental miracle did happen in the past, which I believe was from God, who “pulled” me out of the hate system and to the love system. But this miracle did not happen today, and I believe there must be a reason behind the previous time when he gave me a “pull”, which led me to the love system.

In conclusion, to my readers, forget about the mastery of fear or hate, and instead of trying to spend time and effort to conquer the hate, wisely use your time and energy when you are in love, i.e. inside the love system, and you will achieve your special role. And this special role is not merely a job you are doing for yourself, you are actually doing a job with God, I believe. When I am inside the love system, I know that God is with me, and most probably this time period, with the SUPPORT, God is overseeing me in doing a special responsibility I have to act for Him on earth. Similiar to a concert or an opera, you have already entered the arena, of the love system, are you prepared to act while there may be so many spectators cheering for you? Are you ready to use this precious time to do some once in a lifetime work with God? I am given the honour and the SUPPORT to act, are you prepared?

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