The Journey: Give All Decision Part Two

Religious representation with cross on top of a hill

Are you ready to sacrifice everything just for strictly following Jesus’s teachings? Are you prepared to sacrifice yourself in order that the words of God and Jesus can be followed? I had one chance today, and I took the opportunity to clearly show to God that I love Him, and I am following Him, his words and his teachings, to the extent of sacrificing myself. I cried, and it was worth it.

The first thing that most people think of, when we are talking about sacrifice, is, “For What?“. One example that I can think of is, when you forgo your comfort zone, and give your seat to an old man in a train, “what is it for?” Obviously, you do it for the old man, giving your seat to him as he needs a seat inside the train. But more importantly, you are doing this because you follow Jesus’s teaching, by doing good for others, sacrificing your comfort zone in the process. Therefore if you have a paradigm shift and think in this way, sacrificing means giving yourself up in certain forms in order to achieve a higher purpose, for and with God, to help others as you would help your closest family members. Giving up a seat to sacrifice your comfort zone is easy, but are you prepared to sacrifice everything in order to follow Jesus’s teachings, in a strict way?

This morning I arrived at the office at 9:30am and soon we had a meeting. The meeting was about the usage of the new Accounting system and a representative was sent from the software house to our office to explain and answer our questions. All along, I was thinking of one thing, the thought of doing things right. I was talking to myself, “I will do the right thing, that God wills me to do, to the extent that I might need to sacrifice myself in the process.” Of course, I will not do anything that is harmful to others, like bombing a place, but I am willing to sacrifice myself, to the extent that I will do and practice the integrity, and righteousness that was taught by Jesus in the Bible. People may be thinking, life is short, let us enjoy our time, why indulge in helping others? My interpretation is: Life is short, let us do good to others, which makes our life meaningful. See Mark 9:35

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

In this way, Jesus’s teaching was if we want to be first in our life, we need to have the heart of serving others, or as He said, the servant of all. We have to prepare to put aside our most immediate interests, to prepare to sacrifice our comfort zone, and truly, genuinely give ourselves away, to serve others. This is meaningful. And this is the right attitude in life. Forget about what you gain from others, but what you give to others.

And you know what, after I kept telling and reminding myself to do good and sacrifice myself (Giving all for God), I have already shown to Him that how much I love Him, as I am doing all these things to glorify Him. And having faithfully told myself that whatever happens, I will still keep His teachings and goodness in my mind and my actions, I cannot stop myself crying. I was sentimental not only because I had shown my utmost love to Him, but also because I had promised and had done my part and responsibilities as a loyal servant. I know I have done the right thing, make the right decision, and I will not regret any single moment, anymore. The fact that I can sacrifice myself for God makes our relationship closer, and makes myself bolder, and with strength. My heart and determination become stronger and stronger, and better prepared myself to face the possible harship or suffering if I am to do God’s will on earth. And this is my main purpose in life. What’s yours?

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