The First Peace System 24.6.2018

Respect and praying on nature background

My previous post talked about a potential sacrifice if I am to strictly follow Jesus’s teaching. On that occasion, having declared this bold assertion, I cried. I was sentimental as I had once again chosen God instead of other worldly considerations, such as power, or health. And I know it was worth it.

This morning I had three dreams. Two of them were nightmare and in normal occassion they will affect my emotions, in a negative way. My mind will be like a “vacuum”, and I cannot function properly both in work and interaction with people. I can say that my mental state would be in the hate system, which involves the collapse of my mind, comprehensively. However, everything changed after my third dream today. It was a phase that I heard, “most loyal”. And then I woke up, and routinely I went to buy breakfast for my wife and son this morning. Instead of dwelling inside the hate system, I was in the peace system, and I felt calm, touching and affectionate. I nearly cried out as, I believe, God had given me the affirmation and a stamp of approval because of my “Give all” decision a few days before. His calling was that I was doing work, for and with Him, with an attitude of loyalty and sacrificing. And He rewarded me with a morale boost. I soon forgot every hardship and negative, adverse emotions and I was in the peace system, enjoying my time with God behind me. I was listening to music and was energetic, but clearly, I was not yet in the love system, as I only felt the love from God, but I did not sense or feel, I believe, the will of God to do anything at that time.

My conclusion is, to be working for and with God, is similar to an every minute job that we are facing every day. We do not clearly know in advance when, and why, but we are called upon, in my case, when I feel the SUPPORT from Him, I believe. And it will be an honourable job if we are to work for and with Him. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves. We need to tune up ourselves. We need to make sure that we are in our best shape and condition before our work for and with Him. My reflection is that by strictly following Jesus’s teachings, and by admitting that we are willing to sacrifice for Him, are ways to avoid a lapse of relationship or guilt which might severely affect our mind in a critical scenario. We have to make sure that when the moment comes, our mind will not be affected by any major or minor failings before it. Today I had been “approved” by God, I believe, so that when the nightmare came this morning, they were beaten emotionally by a certain margin by His “approval” of me.

Readers may question that this might just be a coincidence, and not necessarily meant that we had to strictly follow Jesus’s teachings and sacrifice for God, in order that our work for Him could be done properly. All I could say was this assertion was once again “proved” by the sermon of the Priest on today’s Sunday Mass. He talked about we should strictly adhere to and remained firmly committed to our faith, and the teachings and way of acting from Jesus. He again taught us that we should be a loyal servant of God. This was what I was thinking these few days, and I firmly believe the priest’s assertions and my recent experiences were not only a coincidence, but God’s plan for me to realize that loyalty and strict following of the teachings remain important foundations and vital characteristics for doing work for and with Him.

I was in the peace system during most of this time. I believe I was not doing any particular work for Him at this time, but I was really touched by His mercy to me, namely His confirmation of me as a “loyal” servant of Him. This motivation further reminds me that I need to remain stern and firm when facing temptations, and unwavering do His job with loyalty. I believe these are two very important characteristics that we need to have in our daily lives, as preparations and serious attitude in doing His job.

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