The True System: Successfulness 29.6.2018

bokeh light

There are times in which we may just give up on the things we are doing. We may be afraid and do not want to take risks. Sometimes we are disheartened. Other times we are content with our present situation. We may not feel comfortable to go the extra step to forgo our comfort zone. We may fear that in this evil age we may not be strong enough to uphold Jesus’s teachings. Or we fear that we are facing the world alone, after all.

I would like to focus my topic on being alone, because this is the scenario that I have been facing after I have first decided to face “the world system”, and continue doing so. By alone it means that, in this evil age, we are facing problems, troubles or challenges, mostly by ourselves. We may have friends, true friends that give us moments of “lift” in times of challenges. We may have family members who constantly remind us of their love to us. We may have our second half who keeps reminding us of the fact that he/she would never abandon us. And you may be fortunate enough to have a child who innocently continues to greet you with the words: “Papa, are you okay?”. But who can give the love that God can give you?

As compared to people who are homeless, or have lost their most treasured family members, I can say that I do have worries, but in a point of view much more fortunate than these people. However, living in this “world system”, I certainly feel the pressure around me, all the time. However, deep down, I know God is with me, and He is with me, in the most distressing period. I had sinned and had been naive and innocent before, but He never leaves me alone. I may want to cry because of other people’s deliberate abuse, but He sustains me. I may feel hopeless occasionally, but He gives me the feeling of assurance. And when I want to give up myself, He gives me courage. And most importantly, when I feel I am done, and want to stop using those “gifts” that He has given me to serve the world, He gives me the dreams and SUPPORT to keep me afloat, and the will to face the future.

I sometimes question myself on the issue of “for what”. What can I gain by doing good to “the world system”, in this world? All I have been getting are some negative reactions from people around me. Others laugh. They cheer. They make fun of me. But, not understanding me is not important, but more importantly is I understand them. They may be happy on the surface, they may seem successful in their look, but they do not know the true sources of happiness and successfulness. The relationship with God. The love He gives us. And the achievements and accomplishments that we gain and have when we work for and with Him.

The worldly wealth, power, status are normal people’s measurement of success. Their fame. And their source of pride. But they do not give you true happiness. Only when you know the truth, and have a relationship with God, and that He loves you, then will you feel the true happiness.

I had been through this journey before. I once was the best badminton player among schools in HK when I was young, and I had the experiences of being disheartened when I came out to face “the world system” alone. But I know I am not alone, after all. God is with me. He gives me strength and boldness to face the evil. He gives me sufficient to courageously face the world. And He communicates with me through the Bible and dreams to lead me along my journey. And most importantly, He gives us all, the grace of eternal life, which we all have to give thanks to Him.

For those younger readers or others who may not understand what I mean by “the true successfulness”, it is normal, and it takes time and most probably, and thankfully to Him, you will adjust. But just give yourself a try, pick up the Bible, and give yourself some space and time to build a relationship with God. Your whole life will be transformed, and blessed.

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