The First Preaching System: 3.7.2018

Praying Hands

The first preaching system involves calling from God. Indirect callings. Feelings about spreading the Bible. Signs and wonders. And timely events as well. All point to His will to me: My responsibility to spread the Gospel.

By saying that I have entered the Preaching System means that I have received an indirect calling from God to prepare myself for the preaching job, or any vocations that involve a deep understanding of the Bible and God’s words. On a specific date in January this year, I first received the feeling of the seriousness of the spreading of the Good News. On that morning after I woke up, I started to walk to the MTR station to ride a train to work. Along the journey, my mind was entirely occupied by one thought, “spreading the Gospel is the most important thing.” My whole mind was fully occupied by this phrase such that I could not think of other minor things. And I believe that God was communicating to me, through a force, which stunned my mind.

Having felt this life-changing feeling, my second calling came yesterday. I had a dream. A dream that told me that there may be a group of people that are related, or chosen to do a particular vocation, that is related to the phrase I had mentioned previously. If what my interpretation of the dream is true, I believe God was telling me that I will be doing His work, to spread the Bible, with a specific group of more than 30 people. It was not a direct calling such as “James, this is your responsibility to spread the Gospel.” But what I know is a number that has a connection between the feeling in January and the dream yesterday.

Another wonderful incident happened, at the related time that was connected to “my number,” yesterday. At that specific time, there was a lightning that struck a hiker who was walking up a mountain in N.T., Hong Kong. And I soon knew that the incident at that time was a natural sign or wonder which makes me realize that my chosen vocation is probably related to something about tax, with the spreading of the Gospel as the main focus.

I believe these indirect callings and signs and wonders were from God. What He was telling me was, I believe, a gradual reveal of His will to me, with the responsibility of spreading the Gospel here on earth. I lack the wisdom to explain these numbers and times, but I strongly believe He is leading me in my journey to becoming a mature adult, with the ultimate aim of spreading His words. What He continues to give me are challenges and step-by-step spiritual and intellectual guidance that makes me complete, as a mature person.

By writing this blog, I am already doing my part in telling people about God and His good news. What he is reminding me is that there may be far more important vocations I need to pursue in the near future. And that involves the foundation realization that “spreading the Gospel is the most important thing.”

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