The Journey: Bible Study: 5.7.2018


Why is it important to read the Bible? What are the rewards for studying the Bible? Many people may have different experiences, and their experiences are unique to them. And today I am going to tell you my story yesterday.

Recently, I have been studying Matthew 25:14-30. And I have spent several hours talking about this topic with one of my church friends and my employer who between them have many years of reading the Bible. Matthew 25:14-30 tells us about how a master, according to his servants’ abilities, entrusted them with different amount of bags of gold, to work for him. The first two servants had been faithful, and they made some extra gold for the master. As a result, the master was pleased with them. However, the third servant hid and returned the same amount of gold back to the master, and the master was therefore angry with him.

Yesterday I was talking to one of my church friends, who is an elder in one of the churches. We do not meet regularly, as we are both busy, but I treasure our times together. I could say that the happiest days of my life are those days that I study Bible with Him. So going back to my topic, 1) Why is it important to read the Bible? and 2) What are the rewards for studying the Bible?

First of all, while we discussed and looked into the Matthew 25:14-30 passages, we came to a conclusion: We do our job for God, not for money or for our families. And who is our real boss? Yes, God is our true boss. As taught in this parable from Jesus, the master, which is God, expects us to work diligently and use our best effort to make different contributions, for people in our world. If we have the “gifts” but do not use them, we are in trouble. God will be unhappy with us.

Having realized this principle, we can then turn to my experience today, at work. During my morning work, I kept thinking, involuntarily, of an unfortunate incident in my past. At that time I had been mentally abused by other people, and nobody gave me a hand, or told me, or helped me. The recalling of my miserable events today made my mind full of hatred. I kept thinking, why nobody helped me, and such, and I knew I could not control myself, and I was in the Hate system. However, someone did give me a hand and help me today. Guess who? Yes, it was God. In a way, He led me to have a Bible study yesterday, He led me to understand that He is my boss. And so before this morning at work, I was fully armed with this “Knowledge:” namely God is my boss. And so while I was thinking of my past, and also when Satan constantly tempted me to fall into the hate system, this “Knowledge” actually saved me from Satan’s assault.

My thinking was, as God is my boss, who created me and gave me the abilities, why should I complain? Why should I be hateful to others, knowing that what He gave me will surely bear fruit in the future, as long as I am good and faithful? If He did not think my ability was up to a standard, He won’t entrust me with the bags of gold in the first place. So this is a sure journey, the point is to be good and faithful, which means to follow the teachings of Jesus and do the job with loyalty. I firmly believe it was He who guided me to know the principle and influenced my mind to break Satan’s bondage, all in two days. Without the Bible study yesterday, I would not have the will and God’s words, to fight this war.

Secondly, something encouraging happened while I was studying the Bible with the elder friend yesterday in a restaurant. A middle-aged woman approached and talked to us. We first noticed her smiling when we were talking and soon she spoke to us. She told us that she was also a Christian and we then had an around 5 minutes of initial conversation about our religion and our strong belief. Apart from talking to us, she even gave me a present, which was an antique cross. Guess what, after going back home after the Bible study session, I dreamt of meeting her again next week, the first dream I had after meeting her and the first dream in the night.

My point is not about making a new friend or receiving a present from her when studying the Bible, but actually the support of our Christian and Catholic fellowship. As we believe in God and do the will of Him, we are all in a family. If I am in need, people will give me a hand. We will help each other, we will not be alone, anymore. So have you started studying the Bible and believe in God? If not, act now. Your whole life will be transformed and blessed.

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