The Journey: Fighting Heart: 6.7.2018

Red paper hearts isolated on white

Today I am going to talk about “fighting heart,” the main characteristic of successful people, in whatever vocations they pursue.

This morning was an average working day. I started working, as usual, at 9:30am. And this was my second working day after the Bible study on Wednesday afternoon, and you can see the post here which I posted previously The Journey: Bible Study: 5.7.2018. Just to recap on my Bible study two days ago, an elder from a church and I talked about the motto and “knowledge”: “God is our true boss.” And having endured Satan’s temptations and my involuntary fall into the hate system in yesterday working hour, I successfully defended against the assault from the evil side with God’s help. The “knowledge” enables me to convince myself that “that” is the real driving power behind me, that is to do my work for and with God. I realize that every second is a time to work for and with Him, and every second I have to perform to my best effort.

As a result, today while I was working, I kept telling myself, “James, do not be lazy, I have to work diligently and perform to my best effort, for God on earth”. That means I have to put in all, my energy, my mind and my effort into my job, all the time. This is what people called “fighting heart”. The “fighting heart” is not the human drive which propels people to spend long hours on the job. This is not the worldly status and wealth drive which seduce people to sacrifice his time for money. This is the true drive to work for and with God. The love of God which encourages us to sacrifice our time for Him. And the big picture that He created us, entrusted His bags of gold to us according to our ability and expect us to work for and with Him. Please refer to Matthew 25:14-30.

Therefore, today, I had a great morning, for a limited time. I returned to my comfort zone after a certain “working totally for God, as He is my boss” time. I wouldn’t call I was lazy, but just that I was not performing my work with enough “fighting heart.” The fighting heart, if I perform, represents my will, my drive and my dedication to work and perform a duty with single-mindedness devotion to God. 100% commitment. Total loyalty. This is probably the most important characteristic of a winner, who spend long hours practising and uncompromisingly perform his work with the highest standard.

To train myself the “fighting heart” is not easy as well, as up to now, for a duration of twenty years at work, I did not always have the fighting heart all this time. But here today it was different. I have a mission now. I have a clear choice. And I have hope. The hope that I know I am not working for only myself or families, I am now accountable to God now. There is no excuse to be lazy, or not having the fighting heart. I must train myself, or God will give my bags of gold to others. On the other hand, if I perform well, He will give me more responsibilities in the future, which I consider my greatest honour, to work for and with Him.

In order to train myself to have the fighting heart so as to be accountable to God, I need to make sure that I set a target and achieve it, whatever the cost, following Jesus’s teachings. I am given the “gift” of ideas that I believe is inspired by God, and my many dreams and unique experiences. I need to make sure that I can deliver, one piece of blog-post in two days, at a minimum. Whatever the distractions. Whatever the difficulties. And whatever the temptations. I have to meet my target at least for the next few months. We will see.

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