The Journey: Writing: 7.7.2018

Photo of womans hands with pen signs contract

Yesterday I talked about “fighting heart.” And my resolve to produce at least one piece of writing in two days with total dedication and commitment to God at the highest standard. But how does “fighting heart” helps you in your writing journey?

Matthew 25:14-30 talks about how a master, according to his three servants’ abilities, entrusted them with bags of gold to work for Him. This master and servant relationship is similar by nature to the relationship between us, as writers and God. We have to know that it was God who created us and gave us the abilities. His will includes entrusting us with different responsibilities, big or small. We have the obligations to perform, and He expects us to produce. The main important point of this parable is to be good and faithful.

Being good is a big topic and I will not elaborate much on this blog post. But generally, being good is to follow Jesus’s teachings and parables. To love God wholeheartedly, and love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We are also expected to do good to others, and serve others rather than be served. How can we writers be good? We can, we just have to have the mentality to write for and with God. We may be from different countries and different culture. We differ in our writings in topic, purposes, strategies, and style, but we should have one common goal, that is we write for and with God. If you have this mentality, then every experience and topic that you write will have the effect of contributions to glorify God on earth. Whatever the topic, whether they are traveling, food and drinks, can be powerful influencing writings to make our world a better place or encourage people to know God.

Being faithful is a personal decision on how to structure our writing life. A choice to consistently write a piece of writing, with “fighting heart.” This is similar to the fact that faithful and loyal workers often perform overtime to make sure their jobs are done. Winners usually have the fighting heart to perform, and strong will to achieve at a reasonable cost. For us, we can set ourselves a target, an achievable and a realistic one, and commit to fulfilling this goal. In my case, the target is at least one blog post in two days. We then need to stay focused on the matter at hand, and actually write the piece before the decided time frame. This is what I call “faithful”, to God, in our writing vocation. There will be temptations, distractions, and excuses to not do according to our schedule. Remember we are not accountable to ourselves, or our family anymore. Instead, we are accountable to God, and so not meeting the deadline disappoints Him.

What are the advantages or rewards to be a “good and faithful” writer? Matthew 25:23 tells us that if we are good and faithful, God will put us in charge of many things, and share His happiness. Every good writer will improve his or her writing skills and mature along with his or her unique journey, but guess what, our writing development is lead by God. How fast you learn about wordings, style and strategy, and your writing “awakening” are all decided and led by Him.

I had explained before in my previous post, our writing journey or career will be a successful one, a sure journey. But it depends on how we define the word “successfulness.” We may not be able to have more than ten thousand followers for each of us, but the fact that we can influence just one reader, and change his or her life to the better, we are already successful writers. And guess what, since all our writings are on the Internet, our writings may influence other people in the next ten to fifty years. The success of a writer, therefore, is not based on the number of followers, or the number of books he or she can sell, but knowing that we have done our best and write for and with God, who is our true boss.

In this way, every writer is a winner, just that we have to believe in God, and be good and faithful to Him. God has already given you the gift and skill of writing, the arena is now set as a result of the internet in this generation, do you want to be a winner? You can, everyone can be.

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