The Journey: Writing Part One

Woman's hand writing on a notebook with a pen on a wooden desk.

Yesterday, I talked about being good and faithful to God in our writing vocation, and He will put us in charge of many things, and share His happiness.

I believe in our writing journey, we need a writing gift, idea, and relevant experiences. Not having these qualities, we cannot write a piece that can attract people’s attention, or keep our audiences to follow along with our writing journey. However, we have to know that all these things are given by God. We cannot control the timing of the writing “awakening,” and we cannot just think up an idea by ourselves. Everything, including our gift, idea, and experiences, is inspired and led by God. What we can do is to be good and faithful to Him, then He will give us more responsibilities.

My recommendation in my blog post yesterday was that we should set up a goal, such as my resolve to writing at least one piece in two days, and stick to the schedule whatever the challenges, temptations, and excuses. After committing to God about this goal yesterday night, and actually wrote the relevant piece, I soon found out that, I believe, God had replied to my faithful attitude. He gave me a “writing awakening,” this morning, through a dream.

By saying it was an awakening means, I believe, that He told me of a potential “target audience.” By definition, when we write a blog post, we are writing to a certain number of readers, but do they belong to some of those “target audiences” that, I believe, may be uniquely willed by God?

We all have emotions, we will experience difficulties and downturns in our lives. This is not something we can control. We may experience the loss of our family member, or go through financial difficulties, or some tragic events in our life. What you need is to have “faith” in God, despite the difficulties. There is a saying, “Be calm, and do your best.” Don’t be disheartened. Don’t lose hope. Don’t allow Satan to emotionally affect your job for and with God. Stick to your schedule, write a blog post with perseverance, and be faithful to Him. He will reward you with more responsibilities.

We writers have an important job to do on earth, for and with God. Have a strong “Faith”, and you will be faithful, to Him. I have done my part to write two pieces in two days, will you? And I have felt the emotional instability when I was writing this piece today, have you?

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