The Journey: Writing Part Two

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Patience, Bible teaching, perseverance and fighting heart, are today’s topics.

We are always fighting a battle against Satan and his armies of evil individuals. They constantly attack us and tempt us to sin with their evil intentions. Their major attack is to cause fear and confusion in our mind. By doing that, we may occasionally feel bad and worried, and will, therefore, affect our everyday life and work. Have you, at any time in your career life, faced some emotional pressure that made you miserable and wanted to escape by asking for a day off while you were working?

Satan’s powerful influence on us is not only to causing fear and confusion in our mind which affects our daily life. His most powerful attack is his tempting attack, which makes us sin. And it affects our relationship with God. And the attack of Satan usually falls on those who are good and have a strong relationship with God, including children. It is most depressing, especially for younger kids, who do not have a good foundation of Bible knowledge. Their innocent thoughts and actions, who may be wrongly misled by Satan and his armies, will cause a long period of challenges to the kids’ life development, before their seemingly transformative¬†full recovery.

However, remember that before Jesus’s preaching, He was led to be tempted by Satan. Therefore, it would be normal that our kids will be tempted in their early stages of life. The difficult thing is we have to know how to actively stand guard, help them to know what is right and wrong, and influence them to be firm in their commitment, to strictly follow Jesus’s teachings. This is important for responsible parents to teach their kids regarding those that they need to know: The truth.

Working for and with God is one of the important topics. Again we have to try to explain to every child that is related to us. The foundation. The establishment. Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us that we are entrusted with different amount of bags of gold from God and we are accountable to Him. How we define the gold differs from one another, but we have to refer strictly to the Bible, trust our heart, and our responsibilities.

Your responsibilities may be to raise up a teenager, spreading the gospel to others, and writing a blog to collectively change the world to a better place. We, writers, just have to use our gift, which is given by God, to work for and with Him. And we need to do it with perseverance and the “fighting heart.” However, we may be tempted by Satan along our journey. Sometimes we are psychologically not ready. Other times we may want to do other things instead of focusing our effort on our present work. And that means after knowing your accountability to God, every moment counts, during your writing. We have to believe that opportunities and times may be occasional, but God will give us more responsibilities if we are faithful. My sharing today is that my schedule is to write at least one blog post in two days. Is it enough? By committing one blog post each day? It’s your choice. Your choice to be faithful.

I had great pressure yesterday and today before and when writing this blog post. Do you have your unique experience to share?

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