The Journey: Your Support 14.7.2018

Group of business people putting their hands working together on wooden background in office. group support teamwork agreement concept.

Today’s feeling was like a roller coaster ride to me. In the morning I had several dreams which gave me support for the morning and the afternoon. I was in great shape then, as I felt God’s mental and physical SUPPORT to me. However, it was a different scenario at night. The pressure and worries were building up, strongly, and this emotional invasion was some attack that I had not felt for a long time. My commitment to writing one blog post in two days was beginning to crumble, because of the worries, as today midnight will be the deadline to finish writing a blog post. I was about to give up and call my close friends, though few, to look for support. During this difficult period, I knew that God was with me, but I still felt the lonely feeling I hadn’t felt for quite sometime. Then I read one of our fellow bloggers’ blog post, about we have to follow strictly Jesus’s teachings, daily, continuously, and realize that Jesus was the perfect example of the way we should adhere to. Instantly, I switched on the computer and continued my writing journey, again, writing this blog post, with energy and enthusiasm. The fellow blogger’s blog post had given me the support that before only God has given me. I could not, until now, realize that support from fellow bloggers can be that rewarding, also. Then I switched on the music and listened to the music that in the past gave me a victory against the evil side of emotions. And I knew that presently there was another overwhelming victory against the evil side, in my mind.

Thank you, fellow bloggers. You all not only gave me a strong lift to let me have my confidence and energy again, and more importantly to again remind myself that my commitment has to be met, whatever challenges, difficulties, temptations, and excuses. A job has to be done. To our fellow bloggers who are writing for and with God who has given us our writing abilities, do not be disheartened. Remember that God will be with you, and if anyone of you are in difficulties or need any support, you can write a comment to me, and I will try to write an inspiring piece to help you. I am sure other fellow bloggers will be happy to do the same also. Again, we have to remember to continue our writing, because God is giving us the inspiration and the experiences. Do not disappoint Him. We have a job to do. And we are doing for and with Him.

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