The Journey: Bible Study 17.7.2018

Women Reading holy Bible.

Three days ago I had written a blog post about “Your Support.” I talked about how I was in a bad mood and after reading one of our fellow blogger’s blog posts, I felt a kind of human support that made me energetic and actually wrote a corresponding blog post passionately. See The Journey: Your Support 14.7.2018.

I have to admit that because I was raised in Hong Kong, although I got an English prize in 1993, my vocabulary is somewhat limited, and compare to other native English people, I am still far from their high standard of English. My strong point, however, I believe, is the idea and inspiration from God. These continuous flow of idea actually enable me to continue to write one blog post in two days. And today’s idea was indeed a series of coincidental happenings, that I believe, was inspired by God.

When I wrote the blog post on 14.7.2018, I used the word “crumble” in one of the paragraphs. I guessed this was not a very difficult word but was used rather sparingly as compare to other common words. After finishing the draft and after a few revising of the draft, I decided to go ahead and used this word. And I knew there was something about this word which was unique and instinctively special to me. And I just knew it.

Then yesterday I continued to read the Book of Matthew. I was reading chapter 15, and I came across this word “crumbs.” See Matthew 15:27:

“Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”

And I knew, there was a relationship between the word that I wrote in the blog post, “Crumble,” and “Crumbs” in Matthew 15:27. I could not prove the connection between them, but somehow I believed. And then after a series of dreams yesterday, I discovered that the next chapter that I should read was Matthew chapter 20, because I noticed the word “Grumble” in Matthew 20:11. See the verse here:

When they received it, they began to grumble against the landowner.

And after reading this phrase, I knew that this was the chapter that I should be mindful of and read and study in details. Why I thought this was an important milestone was because my recent Bible study previously focused on Matthew 25:14-30 which talks about how we are entrusted with different bags of gold and we are expected to work for God with goodness and faithfulness. God was leading me, I believe, to read Matthew 20:1-16 because this is another chapter that talks about working for and with God, and in this case, a story of some workers working in a vineyard. Therefore, given that my Bible study with my church pastors and elders involves only two times a week, I believe God is telling me the relevant and important topics that I should spend time discussing with them, and should leave the other topics to be read and studied only by myself, with far less detailed studying. In this way, I do not need to study a theology degree, for the time being, to know every detail in every chapter, but He is telling me the main topics that I should focus my effort on.

I know all along that doing God’s work is one of the most important vocations in my life. Part of the reason is that I want to repay Him for His unconditional love to me, as in Matthew 22:37, and part of the reason is that doing His work is a great honour in my life. And I am grateful for God’s leading to actually let me discover the basics and fundamentals of working for Him, and His teaching through dreams and experiences are actually ways that point to how I work for Him, which is the happiest thing in my life. I wish He will continuously communicate His will to me and making myself well prepared to perform my responsibilities, and glorify Him on earth.

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