The First Fighting Heart System: 20.7.2018

Runners training outdoors by the seaside

I had, and experienced the fighting heart today, this morning at work.

Although being a Friday, this morning was a fresh start for me. This was the initial feeling that I had when I started my work at 9:30am. My feeling was like today was the first day of the year, a new start and an expectation that things would start better than before. And it proved to be the case. A wonderful morning.

From 9:30am up to 1:15pm, I would say I was inside the Fighting Heart System. I was filled with energy and strength that I performed the work with utmost efficiency, and intensity, without listening to any music. I kept telling myself, “Well the deadline is coming, I have to perform to my best effort to try to gain every second.” And I knew that being an Accountant Assistant in my job, I have to meet deadline all the time, so I believe God knew it and helped me to reach the deadline by giving me the fighting heart, the perseverance and the strength to perform.

And more important is that I know God has entrusted me with the bags of gold, and He is my true boss, so I have to perform, for and with Him. Although today’s schedule was not tight, all along I was telling myself that I have to put in my best effort in every second, because I know God has high expectation on me.

With the fighting heart, at around 1pm, I then had a final target to meet, for today. I told my boss that I will finish the PO before 1:30pm. And then the final battle began, with around 30 minutes to finish my commitment, both to my boss and God. All along, I had the SUPPORT and fighting heart with me, but I had no idea how the final 30 minutes would go. Could I meet the target? That’s the motivation that I was facing for the final sprint in a 4×400 relay race I talked about yesterday.

For the first 15 minutes, I was able to work powerfully, as I knew that God was with me and I believe He gave me both the SUPPORT and fighting heart to continue. Run, run, run. Believe in yourself and God. Don’t let other outside factors or Satan to affect me. Then at the final moment, at 1:15pm, I suddenly felt the power was gone. I was instantly in a precarious position, without the power and energy that God had given me for the whole morning.

I do not know why, but given the hard work I had done in the morning, though with a lapse of power at the final minutes, I still could finish my work on time, by sending the total figure to my boss just before 1:30pm. In conclusion, though I slipped in the last minutes, I was still grateful that all along the journey this morning was a fruitful one and God was with me all the time. And I was honoured to have finished the work on time, that will remind me of today and many days ahead, “James, you have done a great job today.”

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