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The Journey: Fulfilling Part One

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In your dreams, what does a number tell you? What does a time mean? Two days ago I talked about fulfilling a time and a number, and fulfilling God’s will to me. Today I further elaborate this concept by looking at my relevant experiences yesterday and today.

First of all, I dreamed of a time yesterday morning, 11.8.2018. As a result, after the dream, I anxiously, and excitedly was hoping to know what would happen before the end of the day, 12pm midnight. However, no event materialized before the deadline, and I was very disappointed as I initially thought the dream, in my expectation, would relate to an incident that would happen in the same day, yesterday. But I believe, that God has a different timetable than our human time frame. And today, I believe, the incident that was related to the time, finally happened this morning. However, when I noted the time, I was one minute early.

Secondly, I dreamed of a number today early morning. And the corresponding incident that had happened in the afternoon, which showed an exact time, a sharp one, explained the meaning of the number that I had dreamt of. I got to know the meaning of the number and had noted the fulfilling of the exact-time incident.

Reflecting on these two incidents, I realize that the time and the number that I had dreamt of may occur, and thus be fulfilled, at any time of the day. It might happen in the afternoon, at night, or any time the following day. Therefore if there is anything we need to note of, we have to be ready at any time. If there is anything we need to do, again we have to be prepared beforehand. For the time being, I can only understand the note of fulfilling the will, but I cannot yet explain the do of fulfilling the will. We will see the next few days if I have the experiences to further elaborate my theories here. Thanks for reading. To be continued.

The Journey: Fulfilling 10.8.2018

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Yesterday and today I had the same dream: a number. And I believe it was related to a time of my journey yesterday and today. I proudly say that I was fulfilling the time, and thus fulfilling God’s will and my destiny.

Yesterday was a normal working day and I finished work at 1:45pm. After that, I went to a church in Causeway Bay to pray to God. The reason for my prayer yesterday was to give thanks to Him for all His mercy and His love to me. Then I went to Times Square to buy a computer for my wife. The surprising thing was, after I was inside the shop I watched the time: Oops, it was the same time as I had dreamed yesterday: the number.

Then today I went to the same church to pray again. After the prayer, I had a sudden instinct that I had to watch the time because of something that I believe God wanted me to know. And I did it, and the time showed an exact time: xx:yy:00. Little did I know that after dinner would I find that I was fulfilling the time again: the number, when I researched the internet.

After the 19:30pm dinner, I was researching the internet on something I was planning to do next Monday. And soon I discovered about a price of something that I was looking for, and the price showed an exact amount which was like the time I had seen after my prayer: $x:yy. I instantly knew that this was the thing with the price I was looking for and I watched the time again: Oops, it was nearly the same time, the same number that I had dreamt of yesterday and today morning. However, I was one minute late. 

Reflecting on my experience today, did I fail to fufill my destiny today by one minute late? Or was it the will that I should be late by one minute? Was there anything I can do better to meet the exact time again? Were there some negative influences that affect my performances and thus making me failing by one minute? Was there an existence of a “Plan B”? If there was a “Plan B”, how would I choose the different options? Should I choose the actions by deciding myself rather than waiting for God’s leading and make the actions only after a thorough analysis of God’s guidance?

These are probably some of the most complex and challenging decisions for us to make in our lives. I hope you all can make the right decisions and thus fulfilling God’s will by wisely following His guidance and make the right and exact decisions.

The Journey: Witness 9.8.2018

Father and son planting tree

Do you believe that God will give us mercy? Do you believe this mercy that He freely gives is a witness that we have, personally? Have you ever shared your witness of this mercy to others?

Today I went to my parents’ place to have dinner. When I arrived at 6:30pm, my mum was cooking the food. The TV was switched on, and my father was watching a Korean drama movie. After sitting on the chair for some five minutes, I soon felt tired. Very tired indeed. I then fell asleep. And for the next ten minutes, I was sleeping and had some dreams. And one of them was a nightmare. As a result, when the food was served and we sat on the dining table to eat, I was speechless, filled with pressure and fear. I was scared because of the dream and it made me feel very uncomfortable.

My father probably had noticed my uneasiness, and he then asked me: “Are you sleepy?” At the time when he asked me this question, my mind was nervous and edgy. I then answered his question: “Yes, I was tired, mostly because I had come back from going to a church to pray in the afternoon.” Then suddenly, after saying this, my mind was transformed from an abyss to a summit. I was filled with power and then I spoke and answered my parents’ talking with energy and enthusiasm. And for the rest of the time with my parents, I just felt strong and marvelous.

Reflecting on today’s happenings, I became powerful and enthusiastic, even when I was in a terrible mindset, when I talked about a prayer today. This can be considered as the SUPPORT that I had mentioned in many of my previous blog posts. And today I believe God had led me to show my witness, that is the SUPPORT, to my parents. Whether God had purposely made me falling asleep and gave me the SUPPORT when I talked about Him, was debatable. And I will leave you, my readers to draw your own conclusions.

However, one thing I am sure of is that I am proud to be a witness of the SUPPORT, in which He freely gives me as a mercy to mentally feel and share with other readers. And on this day today, He let me share the witness with my parents directly and physically. I think they probably may ask themselves in the coming days: “Why is there such a change in James’ way of thinking and speaking? He used to be an introvert and now he is strong with the power while talking. Is this what God has done to him?” And I hope that my physical sharing of this witness to my parents and the sharing of this witness in my blog can enlighten more people to know about God, and the big love and mercy that He gives us.

The Journey: The Purpose 7.8.2018

Human hand placed on the Bible, pray to God.

Do you consider working for and with God the most successful vocation in your life? Do you enjoy the journey of preparing and actually performing His work? Do you believe His Mercy can be so big that can totally transform you from a little child and become a joyful adult?

I believe them firmly, a three “yes” to the above. I had been a sinner, before. Big sinner. However, I believe I am that lucky person to be called by God to do something, on earth, for and with Him. And it is a short-term job. Why? The only reason I can think of, is Mercy. The Mercy of performing a big responsibility for and with Him, on earth. God doesn’t need me to do anything or from anyone. But I was called to perform for and with Him. Again why? I believe He had chosen me and give me the Mercy. There may be other kinds of mercy, for example, a healing of cancer, or other diseases. But what I am given is not only of the Mercy of the work that I am to do for and with Him, but also the Mercy of the journey before the work.

I was a troubled kid. I was shy, introverted and afraid of meeting people. But I believe God’s mercy has given me the confidence, the drive and more importantly, the power to face people. To interact with others. And to be a model to those who are close to me. This Mercy, which can be considered as a social gift, also acts as a training gift, to let me grow and mature, to finally face the big job for and with Him. I was facing some of the greatest pressure before, as people think my life is a joke, and laugh at me. What they fail to understand is that I believe God has a plan for me, and all I need to do is to walk through it.

I could not describe the happiness and the joy I am having recently, and I am now getting better prepared for the work, as days go by. And the reason behind my joy and happiness is because I understand a simple truth: “I am working for God’s purpose, rather than hoping God will have mercy on me and enable me to achieve my purpose.” Only a true and mature Christian can realize this important and I consider a life-changing phrase, and once you know it, I believe you will be transformed to become a happy and joyful believer of God.

The Journey: The Support Distraction 3.8.2018

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After about a week of resting, here I come again, with a blog post today. And guess what, it was the SUPPORT that I had after a series of bad dreams this early morning and afternoon, and after a meeting with an elder of a church. We talked about how those 12 apostles, and especially Peter, who denied knowing Jesus, following the arrest of Jesus. I asked the elder, and subsequently, my boss, who is also a knowledgeable Christian, if even Peter, the main spokesman of the Church, did make mistakes, how about us? After some 2.5 hours of discussion, we came to the conclusion that if he made mistakes, that means he had acted as a negative model, and we have to learn from his mistakes, and should refrain from doing them again. If Peter denied Jesus, then we should keep our commitment to God and Jesus, even if we are in a choice of life and death scenario. If Peter did not have enough faith on Jesus’s miracles, we have to trust in the Lord. This is the way to learn from the characters of the Bible. We have to follow Jesus’s teachings, and we have to prevent ourselves from doing the wrong things that the Bible’s characters had done in the past.

Having said that, I had strong SUPPORT after eating my dinner. For at least a week, I had not felt the SUPPORT, specifically during this time period. I don’t know the reasons, but I believe God was giving me the SUPPORT today because I had some bad dreams, and He gave me the SUPPORT to keep me afloat. Having listened to the music for quite some time, I had strong energy and enthusiasm, and I told myself, “James, I am done tonight, just enjoy the SUPPORT for the rest of the night, with God. Rejoice every moment.” And then I switched on and watched a movie, with the SUPPORT. After some 10 minutes of the movie, there was the scene of a naked woman. Then suddenly the strong SUPPORT was gone. What left behind was, I was still powerful, but the enthusiasm was gone. After this disappointing incident, I then switched off the movie, and the strong SUPPORT was with me again. What I observed was that the SUPPORT, I believe, was God’s given power, but there may be outside forces that can affect me using this power. My experience today tells me that, don’t give in to sin, no matter it is a big or a small one, sinning has, I believe, a negative effect to using the power, at times, to work for and with God.