The Journey: The Support Distraction 3.8.2018

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After about a week of resting, here I come again, with a blog post today. And guess what, it was the SUPPORT that I had after a series of bad dreams this early morning and afternoon, and after a meeting with an elder of a church. We talked about how those 12 apostles, and especially Peter, who denied knowing Jesus, following the arrest of Jesus. I asked the elder, and subsequently, my boss, who is also a knowledgeable Christian, if even Peter, the main spokesman of the Church, did make mistakes, how about us? After some 2.5 hours of discussion, we came to the conclusion that if he made mistakes, that means he had acted as a negative model, and we have to learn from his mistakes, and should refrain from doing them again. If Peter denied Jesus, then we should keep our commitment to God and Jesus, even if we are in a choice of life and death scenario. If Peter did not have enough faith on Jesus’s miracles, we have to trust in the Lord. This is the way to learn from the characters of the Bible. We have to follow Jesus’s teachings, and we have to prevent ourselves from doing the wrong things that the Bible’s characters had done in the past.

Having said that, I had strong SUPPORT after eating my dinner. For at least a week, I had not felt the SUPPORT, specifically during this time period. I don’t know the reasons, but I believe God was giving me the SUPPORT today because I had some bad dreams, and He gave me the SUPPORT to keep me afloat. Having listened to the music for quite some time, I had strong energy and enthusiasm, and I told myself, “James, I am done tonight, just enjoy the SUPPORT for the rest of the night, with God. Rejoice every moment.” And then I switched on and watched a movie, with the SUPPORT. After some 10 minutes of the movie, there was the scene of a naked woman. Then suddenly the strong SUPPORT was gone. What left behind was, I was still powerful, but the enthusiasm was gone. After this disappointing incident, I then switched off the movie, and the strong SUPPORT was with me again. What I observed was that the SUPPORT, I believe, was God’s given power, but there may be outside forces that can affect me using this power. My experience today tells me that, don’t give in to sin, no matter it is a big or a small one, sinning has, I believe, a negative effect to using the power, at times, to work for and with God.

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