The Journey: The Purpose 7.8.2018

Human hand placed on the Bible, pray to God.

Do you consider working for and with God the most successful vocation in your life? Do you enjoy the journey of preparing and actually performing His work? Do you believe His Mercy can be so big that can totally transform you from a little child and become a joyful adult?

I believe them firmly, a three “yes” to the above. I had been a sinner, before. Big sinner. However, I believe I am that lucky person to be called by God to do something, on earth, for and with Him. And it is a short-term job. Why? The only reason I can think of, is Mercy. The Mercy of performing a big responsibility for and with Him, on earth. God doesn’t need me to do anything or from anyone. But I was called to perform for and with Him. Again why? I believe He had chosen me and give me the Mercy. There may be other kinds of mercy, for example, a healing of cancer, or other diseases. But what I am given is not only of the Mercy of the work that I am to do for and with Him, but also the Mercy of the journey before the work.

I was a troubled kid. I was shy, introverted and afraid of meeting people. But I believe God’s mercy has given me the confidence, the drive and more importantly, the power to face people. To interact with others. And to be a model to those who are close to me. This Mercy, which can be considered as a social gift, also acts as a training gift, to let me grow and mature, to finally face the big job for and with Him. I was facing some of the greatest pressure before, as people think my life is a joke, and laugh at me. What they fail to understand is that I believe God has a plan for me, and all I need to do is to walk through it.

I could not describe the happiness and the joy I am having recently, and I am now getting better prepared for the work, as days go by. And the reason behind my joy and happiness is because I understand a simple truth: “I am working for God’s purpose, rather than hoping God will have mercy on me and enable me to achieve my purpose.” Only a true and mature Christian can realize this important and I consider a life-changing phrase, and once you know it, I believe you will be transformed to become a happy and joyful believer of God.

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