The Journey: Fulfilling Part One

Collection of digits. Geometric numbers. Vector triangular figures

In your dreams, what does a number tell you? What does a time mean? Two days ago I talked about fulfilling a time and a number, and fulfilling God’s will to me. Today I further elaborate this concept by looking at my relevant experiences yesterday and today.

First of all, I dreamed of a time yesterday morning, 11.8.2018. As a result, after the dream, I anxiously, and excitedly was hoping to know what would happen before the end of the day, 12pm midnight. However, no event materialized before the deadline, and I was very disappointed as I initially thought the dream, in my expectation, would relate to an incident that would happen in the same day, yesterday. But I believe, that God has a different timetable than our human time frame. And today, I believe, the incident that was related to the time, finally happened this morning. However, when I noted the time, I was one minute early.

Secondly, I dreamed of a number today early morning. And the corresponding incident that had happened in the afternoon, which showed an exact time, a sharp one, explained the meaning of the number that I had dreamt of. I got to know the meaning of the number and had noted the fulfilling of the exact-time incident.

Reflecting on these two incidents, I realize that the time and the number that I had dreamt of may occur, and thus be fulfilled, at any time of the day. It might happen in the afternoon, at night, or any time the following day. Therefore if there is anything we need to note of, we have to be ready at any time. If there is anything we need to do, again we have to be prepared beforehand. For the time being, I can only understand the note of fulfilling the will, but I cannot yet explain the do of fulfilling the will. We will see the next few days if I have the experiences to further elaborate my theories here. Thanks for reading. To be continued.

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