The Journey: FEAR 27.10.2018

Fear is a strong negative emotion. It affects our performance at work, in our social gatherings and sometimes damages the proper functioning of our body. However, rather than treating this negative emotion as a small and insignificant negative matter, can you imagine that the timely fear can represent a big and significant positive consideration, or feelings that may help us?

Yesterday was a normal working day, and my duty was as usual from early morning to around 4pm in the afternoon. I was scheduled to sit at the opening door of one of the lifts, watching and directing the workers to orderly take the lift to their respective floors. At around 11am, when some of the workers were waiting at the lift, I suddenly felt a sense of fear. This kind of fear happened much time in the past, and I originally thought it was just a flash of worries: It’s just normal. I told myself. Then I soon found that it was an advance indication, I believe, of something: that thing. According to the lift indicator, the lift was going down, from above, and the going-down-button was pressed at G/F, where we were waiting. We all were expecting the lift door to open at G/F, then the workers could get on the lift going down. But, however, that did not materialize. The lift door did not open and continued to go down, even when the button was obviously pressed. Our workers were bypassed and the lift door did not open. We were left waiting for the lift again, terrified, and stunned. I asked myself, why??

At around 10:00pm yesterday night, I went out to the shopping mall to buy some snacks for myself and my wife. The moment when I left my house door, I had a nervous and frightened feeling: Something’s not right, and I had a strange fear feeling all around my whole body. Thinking of the above incident about the fear yesterday morning, I knew something was going to happen, and I guessed it would not be a good scenario. When I reached the convenience store, my feeling did not improve and although I changed the music I was listening to, I still felt the strange fear in my body. There was nothing I could do to dissipate the fear. I was done. I knew something horrible would have happened, and I switched on my laptop and read the news. Sometime at around 11:00pm, the headline came out: There was a shooting which killed some people in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Well, that was terrible. However, it seemed that the incident happened just before I left my house, and if I was correct, I believe, I felt the pain and nervousness of that incident and shared the injured people’s agonies, through the fear feeling, when I left home to buy the snack.

I felt it, why? Were these two incidents related?

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