The First Support: 14.1.2018

Love concepts, heart in hands

Having initially conquered my fear with a series of support and the SUPPORT I had mentioned previously in my blog post, today was a date of celebration, as I had a breakthrough in the journey of the SUPPORT. This afternoon at around 2:30pm I was sleeping on my sofa when I had a dream of doing something wrong and in the same instance saw a time. What was the reason for such vision I now had yet to comprehend, but I am sure in the coming future there will be answers to this vision. Asking myself what this revelation meant and carrying on picking up Jake from a music lesson, I arrived at the lift at my place’s lobby. Together with Jake and two other people we went into the lift. We, as usual, pressed the buttons of our individual floors. And suddenly a feeling of embarrassment and guilty had started to occupy my state of mind. It was a feeling that when happened in the past would make me in a weak position, and expected, would affect the physical and mental proper functioning of my body. However, I then had an instant flash of hope for fighting back of this bad feeling, I lifted up my head, and then the SUPPORT came to me at the same time. My weak mind had then instantly changed to a strong mind, with power, energy, and enthusiasm, overcoming and conquering the bad emotions. This resembles the dream that I had before.  Was the SUPPORT today a prologue to what will happen in the future revealed to me in today’s vision?

The First Support: 11.1.2018

Praying Hands

After the shielding and protection from the SUPPORT this morning at work, I was grateful that another SUPPORT happened at night. I was at one of the best shapes in morning and afternoon and I was expecting the same situation at night. But of course, there was a saying, what goes up must come down, the sudden pressure happened at around 10pm. At that moment, I was talking to and accompanying my wife to sleep. And then I switched on the mobile and read the news. It was a generally nervous and sensitive moment in my mind as I recalled a bad dream last year that was about something I had done wrong in the past. I could only fantasize that such a dream was from some kind of evil I could not visualize as in the same morning I had heard in a dream that I would be continuously protected. As a result of this sensitivity at that moment, my mind was swung to a downward spiral. Everything in my mind collapsed, and I was simply helpless. I then switched off the news site and turned on the music. Then, without any expectation or anticipation, I suddenly felt the SUPPORT, and my mind was turned from huge downward emotions to an extremely high emotional level. The SUPPORT that I felt was the strongest among all support that I had encountered in the past. The feeling was very forceful and it was very obvious it was some kind of “help” from an unknown source that I could not identify at the moment. Anyway, I firmly believe it was from God, and He helped me to overcome this difficult moment.

The Third Support: 6.1.2018

White headphones with red heart sign in the middle on blue surface

Today was a normal Saturday as I accompanied my son Jake to play soccer and brought him to English tutoring class in the afternoon. I was very energetic as usual as I had some support from my 10 dreams in the morning which taught me some new insights and knowledge. The music that I had been listening each day for the previous 3 years: Merry Christmas from Aaron Kwok, had provided me support today both in the morning and afternoon. The miracle then happened around 6:30pm. I was listening to the Merry Christmas song, at that time, and I felt the music going weird. The previous time when I had heard such music going weird was when I thought of a wrongdoing I have done, and support had deserted me, leaving me in a shock, worried, scared and vacuum state of mind. That feeling was a very bad feeling which was similar to a sudden collapse of feeling. However, today, when I had the same sudden collapse of feeling, the SUPPORT stayed with me, and enabled me to endure this dramatic collapse of feeling with hope, love, optimism, happiness and enthusiasm. The weirdness entered my mind, but the SUPPORT prevailed. It was a big milestone for me as my faith had become stronger and stronger, waiting for the next SUPPORT with confidence and expectation.

The Second Support: 17.10.2017

It was a normal working day on 17.10.2017. As usual, I came to work on time and was expecting an ordinary day in office. My mood was actually the samempty pavement and modern buildings in citye as most days, with calmness and at peace. Though I could not foresee what was going to happen, the First SUPPORT on 13.10.2017 had subconsciously equipped me to face the many challenges I could not have expected at that time, that would follow. The unexpected, happened for the first time, at office, at around 10am. I was seating on my comfortable chair, working with the computer. Then the drama began, a huge pressure stroke me. This pressure was like my brain, my head, was being attacked from all positions. Imagine the scenario that many forceful knives were trying to hit my head all at the same time, and you would know that by all expectation I was about to be doomed. The first reaction, subconsciously, was that, I had no choice, but to surrender. The idea that I was going to call a day-off to rest started floating in my mind. Before I actually did that, the miracle then happened. I didn’t actually perform any miracle, but I just thought of the miracle from this blog. Immediately, I felt the SUPPORT and then, my mind changed position, rising from an abyss to a summit. It was certainly a milestone victory against the pressure, and then I had the energy, enthusiasm, and power to work even better than normal working days.

The First Support: 13.10.2017

The sun shining through a majestic oak tree

The First SUPPORT happened on 13 October 2017. It was a normal Friday and a regular working day except that I had a fateful nightmare in the morning. The dream was a single word that I heard but it was already enough to strike fear and hopelessness in my mind. I managed to maintain calmness throughout the day but the huge pressure came finally at night. The extreme fear and worries hit my mind when I was reading contents in the notebook computer. It was so scary that I had to switch off the computer. And in the next few minutes, I was powerless, not being able to control myself and could not think of solutions to mitigate this once in a year colossal pressure. But, then, the miracle happened: I switched on the music and felt the SUPPORT. Immediately, there was an extreme reversal and upswing of emotions, and my mind was changed from ultimate fear, hopelessness to hope, optimism and enthusiasm. With the SUPPORT giving me drive, boldness and power, I could then continue and start doing things again, and with full confidence to go to sleep, not worrying I would have another bad dream again.

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