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The Fifth Fighting Heart System: 25.7.2018

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After the strong SUPPORT and Fighting Heart (FH) yesterday, today at 12:08pm I felt the SUPPORT and FH again. However, compared to the four previous days, today’s feeling was only a slight feeling of the given power. I did not feel any special feeling and enthusiasm, and the feeling was only mediocre. Regardless of the lesser degree of the feeling, I can still achieve the work before the deadline today, but, I believe, without God’s given power to me all along the journey. One thing that was worth the notice was that, subsequent to the initial lesser feeling at 12:08pm, at 12:41pm and 1:17pm I again felt the SUPPORT and FH. But on these two occasions again the feeling was also not as strong as yesterday. I believe that God was communicating His will to me, through the feeling, and in a way telling me the degree or extent of the strongness of the feeling to me. Obviously, yesterday’s feeling was much stronger than today. Was it that yesterday’s happenings represent, I believe, a much more important event that might happen in the future, than today’s happenings? Or that the time of the feelings today shows me the degree of significance in respect of the experiences today as compared to the stronger feeling yesterday? We will see tomorrow.

Just a recap on yesterday’s experience, see The Fourth Fighting Heart System 24.7.2018. My explanation is that, I believe, God is telling me that I cannot and must not, in the future, overdo things. I believe He is telling me to only fulfill His will, as He is constantly communicating with me through feelings and dreams, and do no more than that. Follow the rules, and not do something that is not required of Him. And I believe, He will give me the power to do for and with Him.

The Fourth Fighting Heart System 24.7.2018

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Yesterday I thought my 3rd episode of the Fighting Heart System would be the finale of the series, but because of some coincidental and strange scenarios today, I have a second thought and change my mind. I will continue with my happenings and experiences of the fighting heart and write them all on my blog.

This morning, for the 4th consecutive working days, I was inside the Fighting Heart System and I felt the SUPPORT. But today I finally felt the difference between the SUPPORT and the Fighting Heart (FH), inside the Fighting Heart System. The SUPPORT was clearly stronger than the FH, and during the time when I had it, I was very powerful and the enthusiasm was also very strong. And I had the energy and driving force to perform my work better.

Very coincidentally, I felt the SUPPORT and FH, at around 11:47am. That was the same time that I first started to feel the power yesterday. And because of this power that God gave me, I was able to perform my work with flair and confidence. I worked, worked, and worked, with the SUPPORT and FH, and was expecting to have a great day to jump over the final hurdle again with both the SUPPORT and FH at the final moment at 1:45pm, the time I normally finish my work. I was able to win the race yesterday, why couldn’t I do it today?

However, at around 12:34pm, I lost the power, again out of my own expectation. I initially hoped that I could work with the SUPPORT and FH until 1:45pm, but based on my previous experiences it generally wasn’t the case. In my first episode, I had a clear deadline, which was 1:30pm and I lost the power at 1:15pm. In the second episode, I didn’t have a clear deadline, but I knew I failed at the last minute at 19:59pm. Reflecting on today’s experience, was I doing God’s work up until 12:34pm, or I lost the battle before a potential deadline of 12:40pm or 12:45pm? If I had finished my work for God, that means 12:40pm or 12:45pm would then not be my target, today. On the other hand, if I was out-forced by the evil side, then that means that I actually lost the battle against Satan today.

Whatever the reasons, one thing is for certain, being in the Fighting Heart System is like being in a complex and complicated learning environment, a classroom that only consists of me and God. And I believe, He is overseeing my development and enables me to start and stop as He wills. I learn of His will through time in the FH System, and a possible explanation by dreams that He gives me on that same day. And along the way, I am motivated and given the driving force to perform my work better, which is both good for myself and my boss. What about tomorrow? We will see.

The Third Fighting Heart System 23.7.2018

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Thank you for reading and I am going to wrap up the series of the Fighting Heart System with the third and final episode.

I arrived at work at 9:30am today, as usual. Though I slept at around 1am this morning, I did not feel particularly tired this early morning. And while I worked until 11am, my mind was still fresh and my thinking was clear. But the pressure and tiredness arrived after 11am. At this period, I was so weak and uncomfortable that I told my supervisor that I couldn’t stand anymore. “The pressure was terrible, and I was very uncomfortable.” That’s what I told myself. At this time, I was working on typing the PO information into the Accounting System. And I could not imagine how I could sustain the next two hours.

However, the tide soon turned at around 11:47am. At this time I heard one of my colleagues talking something about “redundancy.” Then immediately I felt an initial SUPPORT. However, it was not a particularly strong feeling. Only after around 5 minutes, when I read my boss’s encouraging what’s app message, I felt a full recovery and I felt a strong SUPPORT and I knew that I was inside the fighting heart system.

Then for the next 30 minutes, while I was inside the fighting heart system and working towards the goal of finishing the assignment before 1:45pm today, I was very energetic and enthusiastic. I worked powerfully, and efficiently, and I was trying to work to my best effort. And all this while I kept telling myself, “Work to my best effort, with the SUPPORT and fighting heart, and don’t let other factors or Satan to affect my work. Remember, every second counts, because I am working for and with God.

The progress was great, but when I started to realize that while I was working towards the end, I suddenly had a flash of doubt. Could I finish the work on time? Could I keep myself in the best shape and having the SUPPORT and fighting heart until the end? My previous two fighting heart days ended by losing the mental battle in the end. And so I was anticipating and were ready for a loss, again. But today’s was a victory for me, a mental victory, with flair and confidence. I finished my PO work at 12:18pm and the final hurdle was jumped over very successfully, with both the SUPPORT and fighting heart. I then congratulated myself with a smile, and I instantly knew that it was a great victory. All gratitude should be to God, I believe, who gave me the SUPPORT and the fighting heart today.

And that was my final episode on the Fighting Heart System. I hope you enjoy reading these three extraordinary happenings, which were given and inspired, I believe, from God.

The Second Fighting Heart System: 21.7.2018

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Today was the second day, after yesterday’s initial feeling inside the Fighting Heart System. This morning and early afternoon, I ate Dim Sum with my family somewhere near our place. It was an emotional lunch, as I listened to a music and the music enabled me to feel God’s love and SUPPORT. I then went home and took a nap. The dreams were supportive ones, and after that, I went to the airport to pick up my son and family, as they came back from holiday in Australia. Because there were not enough seats in my mum’s car, I had to take a train. The time was around 6pm, and I took an express train to go back home. All along the journey from the airport back home, I was filled with strong SUPPORT. I didn’t keep telling myself that, “I have to meet a deadline, or I have to gain every second” as I had yesterday. But similar to yesterday’s working power, I had the power today in the transport.

I would classify that I was inside the Fighting Heart System again because coincidentally, at around 19:59pm, while I was still in a strong mood and power, I lost the strength again. It was a very strange feeling, as well as a very scary one, and I guessed that some evil forces have out-forced me at the last minute, just before 8pm. This feeling of the lapse of power was the same as yesterday, but the difference was yesterday before the deadline I had a clear target. And yesterday I was working towards the deadline and lost the power 15 minutes before the time destination. Today I was having the SUPPORT and was energetic, but not consciously aware of the final target that I have to, I believe, work for and with God. And at the last moment, just before 8pm, I lost the mental battle, and it was a very disappointing result. But given that I had strong SUPPORT for around 2 hours, I thought I had done a great job already, for and with God.

The First Fighting Heart System: 20.7.2018

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I had, and experienced the fighting heart today, this morning at work.

Although being a Friday, this morning was a fresh start for me. This was the initial feeling that I had when I started my work at 9:30am. My feeling was like today was the first day of the year, a new start and an expectation that things would start better than before. And it proved to be the case. A wonderful morning.

From 9:30am up to 1:15pm, I would say I was inside the Fighting Heart System. I was filled with energy and strength that I performed the work with utmost efficiency, and intensity, without listening to any music. I kept telling myself, “Well the deadline is coming, I have to perform to my best effort to try to gain every second.” And I knew that being an Accountant Assistant in my job, I have to meet deadline all the time, so I believe God knew it and helped me to reach the deadline by giving me the fighting heart, the perseverance and the strength to perform.

And more important is that I know God has entrusted me with the bags of gold, and He is my true boss, so I have to perform, for and with Him. Although today’s schedule was not tight, all along I was telling myself that I have to put in my best effort in every second, because I know God has high expectation on me.

With the fighting heart, at around 1pm, I then had a final target to meet, for today. I told my boss that I will finish the PO before 1:30pm. And then the final battle began, with around 30 minutes to finish my commitment, both to my boss and God. All along, I had the SUPPORT and fighting heart with me, but I had no idea how the final 30 minutes would go. Could I meet the target? That’s the motivation that I was facing for the final sprint in a 4×400 relay race I talked about yesterday.

For the first 15 minutes, I was able to work powerfully, as I knew that God was with me and I believe He gave me both the SUPPORT and fighting heart to continue. Run, run, run. Believe in yourself and God. Don’t let other outside factors or Satan to affect me. Then at the final moment, at 1:15pm, I suddenly felt the power was gone. I was instantly in a precarious position, without the power and energy that God had given me for the whole morning.

I do not know why, but given the hard work I had done in the morning, though with a lapse of power at the final minutes, I still could finish my work on time, by sending the total figure to my boss just before 1:30pm. In conclusion, though I slipped in the last minutes, I was still grateful that all along the journey this morning was a fruitful one and God was with me all the time. And I was honoured to have finished the work on time, that will remind me of today and many days ahead, “James, you have done a great job today.”

The Journey: Writing Part Two

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Patience, Bible teaching, perseverance and fighting heart, are today’s topics.

We are always fighting a battle against Satan and his armies of evil individuals. They constantly attack us and tempt us to sin with their evil intentions. Their major attack is to cause fear and confusion in our mind. By doing that, we may occasionally feel bad and worried, and will, therefore, affect our everyday life and work. Have you, at any time in your career life, faced some emotional pressure that made you miserable and wanted to escape by asking for a day off while you were working?

Satan’s powerful influence on us is not only to causing fear and confusion in our mind which affects our daily life. His most powerful attack is his tempting attack, which makes us sin. And it affects our relationship with God. And the attack of Satan usually falls on those who are good and have a strong relationship with God, including children. It is most depressing, especially for younger kids, who do not have a good foundation of Bible knowledge. Their innocent thoughts and actions, who may be wrongly misled by Satan and his armies, will cause a long period of challenges to the kids’ life development, before their seemingly transformative full recovery.

However, remember that before Jesus’s preaching, He was led to be tempted by Satan. Therefore, it would be normal that our kids will be tempted in their early stages of life. The difficult thing is we have to know how to actively stand guard, help them to know what is right and wrong, and influence them to be firm in their commitment, to strictly follow Jesus’s teachings. This is important for responsible parents to teach their kids regarding those that they need to know: The truth.

Working for and with God is one of the important topics. Again we have to try to explain to every child that is related to us. The foundation. The establishment. Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us that we are entrusted with different amount of bags of gold from God and we are accountable to Him. How we define the gold differs from one another, but we have to refer strictly to the Bible, trust our heart, and our responsibilities.

Your responsibilities may be to raise up a teenager, spreading the gospel to others, and writing a blog to collectively change the world to a better place. We, writers, just have to use our gift, which is given by God, to work for and with Him. And we need to do it with perseverance and the “fighting heart.” However, we may be tempted by Satan along our journey. Sometimes we are psychologically not ready. Other times we may want to do other things instead of focusing our effort on our present work. And that means after knowing your accountability to God, every moment counts, during your writing. We have to believe that opportunities and times may be occasional, but God will give us more responsibilities if we are faithful. My sharing today is that my schedule is to write at least one blog post in two days. Is it enough? By committing one blog post each day? It’s your choice. Your choice to be faithful.

I had great pressure yesterday and today before and when writing this blog post. Do you have your unique experience to share?

The Journey: Writing: 7.7.2018

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Yesterday I talked about “fighting heart.” And my resolve to produce at least one piece of writing in two days with total dedication and commitment to God at the highest standard. But how does “fighting heart” helps you in your writing journey?

Matthew 25:14-30 talks about how a master, according to his three servants’ abilities, entrusted them with bags of gold to work for Him. This master and servant relationship is similar by nature to the relationship between us, as writers and God. We have to know that it was God who created us and gave us the abilities. His will includes entrusting us with different responsibilities, big or small. We have the obligations to perform, and He expects us to produce. The main important point of this parable is to be good and faithful.

Being good is a big topic and I will not elaborate much on this blog post. But generally, being good is to follow Jesus’s teachings and parables. To love God wholeheartedly, and love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We are also expected to do good to others, and serve others rather than be served. How can we writers be good? We can, we just have to have the mentality to write for and with God. We may be from different countries and different culture. We differ in our writings in topic, purposes, strategies, and style, but we should have one common goal, that is we write for and with God. If you have this mentality, then every experience and topic that you write will have the effect of contributions to glorify God on earth. Whatever the topic, whether they are traveling, food and drinks, can be powerful influencing writings to make our world a better place or encourage people to know God.

Being faithful is a personal decision on how to structure our writing life. A choice to consistently write a piece of writing, with “fighting heart.” This is similar to the fact that faithful and loyal workers often perform overtime to make sure their jobs are done. Winners usually have the fighting heart to perform, and strong will to achieve at a reasonable cost. For us, we can set ourselves a target, an achievable and a realistic one, and commit to fulfilling this goal. In my case, the target is at least one blog post in two days. We then need to stay focused on the matter at hand, and actually write the piece before the decided time frame. This is what I call “faithful”, to God, in our writing vocation. There will be temptations, distractions, and excuses to not do according to our schedule. Remember we are not accountable to ourselves, or our family anymore. Instead, we are accountable to God, and so not meeting the deadline disappoints Him.

What are the advantages or rewards to be a “good and faithful” writer? Matthew 25:23 tells us that if we are good and faithful, God will put us in charge of many things, and share His happiness. Every good writer will improve his or her writing skills and mature along with his or her unique journey, but guess what, our writing development is lead by God. How fast you learn about wordings, style and strategy, and your writing “awakening” are all decided and led by Him.

I had explained before in my previous post, our writing journey or career will be a successful one, a sure journey. But it depends on how we define the word “successfulness.” We may not be able to have more than ten thousand followers for each of us, but the fact that we can influence just one reader, and change his or her life to the better, we are already successful writers. And guess what, since all our writings are on the Internet, our writings may influence other people in the next ten to fifty years. The success of a writer, therefore, is not based on the number of followers, or the number of books he or she can sell, but knowing that we have done our best and write for and with God, who is our true boss.

In this way, every writer is a winner, just that we have to believe in God, and be good and faithful to Him. God has already given you the gift and skill of writing, the arena is now set as a result of the internet in this generation, do you want to be a winner? You can, everyone can be.