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The Journey: The Purpose 7.8.2018

Human hand placed on the Bible, pray to God.

Do you consider working for and with God the most successful vocation in your life? Do you enjoy the journey of preparing and actually performing His work? Do you believe His Mercy can be so big that can totally transform you from a little child and become a joyful adult?

I believe them firmly, a three “yes” to the above. I had been a sinner, before. Big sinner. However, I believe I am that lucky person to be called by God to do something, on earth, for and with Him. And it is a short-term job. Why? The only reason I can think of, is Mercy. The Mercy of performing a big responsibility for and with Him, on earth. God doesn’t need me to do anything or from anyone. But I was called to perform for and with Him. Again why? I believe He had chosen me and give me the Mercy. There may be other kinds of mercy, for example, a healing of cancer, or other diseases. But what I am given is not only of the Mercy of the work that I am to do for and with Him, but also the Mercy of the journey before the work.

I was a troubled kid. I was shy, introverted and afraid of meeting people. But I believe God’s mercy has given me the confidence, the drive and more importantly, the power to face people. To interact with others. And to be a model to those who are close to me. This Mercy, which can be considered as a social gift, also acts as a training gift, to let me grow and mature, to finally face the big job for and with Him. I was facing some of the greatest pressure before, as people think my life is a joke, and laugh at me. What they fail to understand is that I believe God has a plan for me, and all I need to do is to walk through it.

I could not describe the happiness and the joy I am having recently, and I am now getting better prepared for the work, as days go by. And the reason behind my joy and happiness is because I understand a simple truth: “I am working for God’s purpose, rather than hoping God will have mercy on me and enable me to achieve my purpose.” Only a true and mature Christian can realize this important and I consider a life-changing phrase, and once you know it, I believe you will be transformed to become a happy and joyful believer of God.

Give All: Working Part One

Relay Baton

After yesterday’s blog post about giving all in my part-time role as a blogger, today I experienced a great day. Not only my physical being was energetic, my mind was also very enthusiastic. The worries had dissipated. The uncertainty had gone. And what came was a peace of mind and strong SUPPORT.

Today was one of the happiest days of my life. And today’s happiness and joyful mind were driven by a single factor, that I am having a responsibility in God’s work. It is not about how much money I can make. It is not about how long I can live. And it is not about how much worldly status and power that I can have. It is all about working for God, to be one of His tools to make the world a better place.

Yesterday I talked about how a fictitious father who prepared everything for His son in order that he can raise his son up so that the kid can be strong enough to do good and glorify God on earth. Imagine that the father has a sizable business, will the son be responsible enough to continue the development of the business and make it thriving? Or is he to take up the business to make more money? The difference is, the former is a responsibility, while the latter is to fulfil the egoistic desire.

I do not have a father who has a business for me to pick up, but I have the Father, God himself, who gives me the gift to continue writing. And why He has chosen me for this vocation? Why does He give mercy to me to let me join and work in His vineyard?

The reason is He loves me. And He loves you too. The work you do, the family that you have and any other voluntary activities that you do are all works for and with Him. Most of the time we have a choice to do or not to do something. But can we admit to ourself that, well, I have grown old enough to pick up the baton from those who ran so painstakingly in a 4×400 relay race before me? And what about if I might be the fourth and the last runner, therefore having a big responsibility to perform, will you be serious enough to be thinking, “Well, this time I have to deliver.”

Having responsibilities means having the expectation, during the journey, to work to a particular goal or target in future. The road is narrow for us, but the fact that God is with us gives us the assurance that we can know His love at all times. And God leads the way, and we grow hand in hand with our responsibilities. Every time we reach a milestone, we know that God will share His happiness with us, and then He will entrust further responsibilities to us. My example is the SUPPORT he has given me. In certain times, like today, He gave me the feeling and the joyfulness that is worth my every action to repay Him.

This is the journey of love. This is the journey of gratitude. And this is the journey of personal and collective achievements for the world. Will you be proud enough to tell everyone that you will fulfil your job for and with God, and do your responsibility to make the world a better place? Do you know that God will be with you, in times of happiness and despair? Are you prepared to perform if you may be potentially, but not consciously aware, one of the last runners in this once-in-a-lifetime relay race? Will you, in some days, give all to Him because He has given you the joyfulness during the journey, the priceless gift that only God’s love can give?

Give All: Working 18.7.2018

Red heart in hands of the little girl. Symbol of love and family.Valentines day card. Mother's day. Backgrounds for social posters. Selective focus

Yesterday I talked about God leading me to study the Scriptures that are related to working for and with Him. After reading Matthew 25:14-30, my attention then turned to Matthew 20:1-16, the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

This parable tells us the story of several workers working for a landowner in his vineyard. The landowner had employed many workers but at different periods. Given that some workers were employed for longer working hours, they then expected to receive more than those who only worked for a few hours. But the landowner reminded them that their compensation would be the same, regardless of the hours they had worked. The point is if you are one of the workers, you may ask, why should I do more if I am paid the same?

This parable tells us that God loves every one of us. He gives us the opportunities to work for and with Him, at various point of our life. Let me then share with you my story. I started writing my blog on 13.10.2017. On that day I had first experienced the SUPPORT from God, I believe, and so I wrote them in my blog. And that’s how this blog came to life. And this was probably the job that God had given me to do when I was 41 years old. Before that, I had thought of working for Him, but I could not find what things to do for Him, without his guidance. So it’s like I was wandering in a desert, not being able to find something meaningful to work for God. After guiding me to write this blog, and reading this scripture, it is like a father who tells his son, “Junior, you have grown enough, you have experienced the difficult period, it is time for you to write and do something, to fulfil your responsibilities for our family and people that are close to us. Don’t focus on the rewards you can get, but on how much you can give.”

Not only does this father reminds his son of his abilities and responsibilities, he even prepares everything, to make sure his son can shine in his arena. He teaches him the life lessons, oversees his developments, reminds his son when he has done something wrong and gives him support that enables him to do his work with high morale and enthusiasm. He gives him a computer notebook, and constantly gives him the idea to write, and shares his happiness with him once he has done something good and whenever he reaches a milestone. And this is probably the best of parenting, to enable your son and daughters to shine on their own, to do good and glorify God on earth. And His plan is amazing.

Consider this, I had an English prize in 1993 when I was 17 years old. Then I went on my way to work as an Accounts Clerk, in the corporate world. And then fast forward to the year 2017, when I was 41 years old. When I had a house, and my son going to primary school, at this time God gave me the awakening, to start my blog. He gives me the idea, and inspiration to write for and with Him. And He knows that I have the abilities and enjoys doing such a vocation. Don’t you think this is the best plan for me? I believe. What about you, fellow bloggers? Do you know that God has a plan for you? Do you know that, by writing this blog, God has given you something worthwhile to do, for and with Him? Do you know how much He loves you, by giving you the idea and inspiration to continue writing, which may be the best personal and collective achievements?

Are you willing to give all, by focusing your full attention in your arena, and to Him, knowing that He loves you so much?

The First Love and Hate System: 6.6.2018

Young Child's Hands Praying on Holy Bible

Today I am going to talk about love and hate again. If you had read my previous blog post, The Journey: Love or Hate 12.5.2018, I had explained some of the concepts of love and hate. They are both emotions that we have at different times or period in our life. And our emotions tend to change as we journey in this world. I would say that there is a love system and a hatred system, and in between, there is a peace system. We enjoy the loving feeling when we are in the love system, but we would find it difficult to escape the feeling of hatred when we are in the hate system, even if we choose not to have. For me, as a Christian, I have experienced a gradual, but continuous transformative of feelings to reside in the love system, which I believed other Christians would share the same feelings also. Once we believe in God, we feel happy and joyful most of our time, most probably because we know His love and occasionally God is with us. However, from time to time we would still be emotionally offended and we would be furious and this sentiment then leads us into the hatred system. Once we enter into the hatred system and starting to feel angry and hate others, we will lose our spiritual direction, we will be blinded by it and it will affect our performance at work and our interaction with other people. Have you felt the hatred in your heart sometime and are helpless? I had felt it too, until that eventful afternoon on 6th June 2018.

I had a few dreams on that morning and they were good ones, and so I had a fruitful and happy morning at work. I went to buy lunch in one of the nearby restaurants and I had a 30 minutes sleep afterward. And I had experienced some sort of confusion in my mind after a few dreams, but the start of the afternoon at work was smooth. Then after a while, I read the news, and I started to feel the hatred and I, involuntarily was starting to go to step into the hatred system. In the next 10 minutes, I felt a slight bitterness in my mind, and I was usually powerless and vulnerable in front of it. Just as I was expecting to step onto the main block of the hatred system and was about to lose my good and happy emotions in the peace system, I felt the SUPPORT, a forceful “pull” of myself out of the hatred system and set foot in the love system. It was not a gradual erosion of the feeling of hate, but a one-off victory over it. The pull was a strong powerful force which completely overwhelmed the hatred in my mind and I, for the rest of the afternoon, felt great in the love system, with energy and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on this victory of the love, all I can say is this was a milestone mercy and a mental miracle from God which allowed me to escape the hatred bondage and enjoy my working period in the love system. In the past, I would consider myself very lucky if I could keep calm in my mind when the feeling of hatred started to fill my whole mind, but on this occasion, it was a comprehensive victory of the love over hatred. I was a spectator, as everything happened in my mind, and all that happened was that I sat on the chair comfortably and wholly felt the SUPPORT working and transforming my emotions. I firmly believe that the SUPPORT was from God and today’s incident was a victory of the love over hatred, in which I was a witness, but not an actual participant in this extraordinary experience. The “pull” was indeed a miraculous power which allowed me to work with energy and enthusiasm, and it had not happened before in my up to 20 years’ work experiences. I was most honoured to be the witness of this special happenings and grateful for the feeling of love in contrast to the expectation of residing in the hatred system, from God. The love has won, momentarily for the whole afternoon on that day, and will it last in the future for a longer period? We’ll see.

The Journey: Support Work 15.5.2018

Full time service concept

Having made the “give all” decision, and not regretting a single moment for the last few days, today I did have a change of heart. My heart for Jesus and God does not change, and will never change, but there are the priorities and the view of what is more important, to me and those close to me.

If you have read another blog post of mine, The Journey: Love Support 6.5.2018, you can see that I had experienced a kind of “SUPPORT” from God, I firmly believe, from time to time. The SUPPORT happened most of the time when I was under big and sometimes huge pressure, which enabled me to change from a mental abyss to a mental summit, and gave me energy and enthusiasm to work even better during my work times. Today morning we had a meeting, which talked about our new accounting system. And being one of the team members who was responsible for typing in the data, I was then to give a demonstration of the typing in procedures in front of about seven colleagues. I was very weak, in the past, to give a public demonstration, and today I was supposed to give an English presentation, which usually frightened me a lot. However, when I thought of the way Peter and other Apostles gave speeches in the past, I today got the confidence and indeed the power to give the presentation in a way that far exceeded my previous expectation. And I was amazed at the way, the flow and the tenacity of my speech that I knew that my speech was “given” with the help of God. It was He who enabled me to make the speech in a flawless way, He helped me and was with me.

Reflecting on this speech afterward, I realized of an important finding of the SUPPORT. The SUPPORT happened was, I firmly believe, in fact, a “time” in which I was supposed to do God’s work. So that every time when I have the SUPPORT, whether it is when I am working, walking in the street, taking a shower, or accompanying my wife to sleep, it is a time I have to work for God. My understanding is, this Godly given power, is given to me so that I have to perform for God at that particular moment. So having realized this, I now come to the conclusion that I have a role to do, on earth, to work for God at particular moments. I may need to work better when I have the SUPPORT at work, or I have to talk to my wife with more dedication when I have the SUPPORT while accompanying her to sleep. I am now 24 hours on alert to work for Him, based on the timing of the SUPPORT that He gives me. My rationale is, the SUPPORT does not happen and given to me randomly, but a Godly lifting to me so that I can, at those time, be better at work, or give a speech, for example. Either it is only a help, or a wake-up call to my thinkings at those times, or I have to work for Him, and I choose to believe in the latter, as today’s SUPPORT for my speech was thus a work for God, on earth.

Because of this blessing and mercy, my second thought is it is more important for me to work for God, because working for Him on earth will affect many lives on earth, rather than give away my everything, to show my love to Him, in one go. At this moment, it is my working age, my responsibility is to work with all of my focus, and my giving all can be deferred at a later time, when I have fully retired from working on earth for God. I know that I have never a moment of doubt of my decision to give all, but currently is not the right time to do such a thing. But God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind, and I know that performing your will is more important, presently, than I give everything to you. I promise I will do my best since you give me mercy and the gift to work for you on earth, and I will not disappoint you. Again thanks for everything.

The Journey: The Mercy Part Two

The Cross

This is the Mercy part two. For previous posts of the Mercy please click the followings:

The Journey: The Mercy 19.4.2018

The Journey: The Mercy Part One

Today I was reading Matthew 7 and I think there are two verses that fully describe how we can have a close and fruitful relationship with God:

  1. Matthew 22:37, “Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
  2. Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

I will focus my writing on the second part of our relationship with God, namely how we do the will of our Father who is in heaven.

If you had read my previous posts on the Mercy, you may know the followings:

  1. God has mercy on me so that He chooses me to do His will on earth, so that I can share the happiness when His will is done, and
  2. God has mercy on me so that He gives me unconditional love and gifts to do His will on earth, again to share the joyfulness when His will is done.

This morning I had dreamed of seeing visions of pieces of jigsaw puzzles for 14 times. Yes, it’s true, I kept on seeing the puzzles for 14 times. This is a confirmation reminder that I am not only a spectator, but an active participant in doing God’s will on earth. He is telling me that I have a special role in His will, and today is truly a celebrating moment, privately, between me and Him, mostly because I had made a decision yesterday, and that decision was one of integrity, and commitment for my whole self to uphold justice, to give myself fully for every Christians around me in order to facilitate their missions of spreading the gospel. I have only read around 10% of the Bible and I am still far from being ripe to spread the Good News, but I know currently my role is to make sure people around me can do spread the gospel and I am willing to sacrifice myself in order that their missions will continue. Perhaps because of my commitment, and my decision had really touched God, and so He gave me these 14 dreams today to give me an affirmation. How joyful is to know that I am working for God, and to fulfill Matthew 7:21: “only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

To conclude, He has shown Mercy on me by allowing me to do His will on earth, He reminded me of my important role, and He constantly, and continuously communicate the roads and journeys to me through dreams, and giving me the SUPPORT to motivate and give me enthusiasm to do His will. I am proud to consider I am one of the lucky persons in the world. All glories and gratitude are to God, who gives me the Mercy.

The Journey: The Mercy Part One

Christian cross appears bright in the sky

My blog today will further elaborate on the Mercy based on my personal experiences.

My idea for today’s blog post was from a dream I had this morning. It was a friend of mine in Facebook and at the time when I had this dream I subconsciously, in my dream, guessed the birthday of this friend, and it was correct. So my blog will follow on this lead.

As I had discussed yesterday, the Mercy from God was undeserved, unconditional, and a free gift. First of all, we are all sinners. And so we do not deserve this Mercy. Actually, I am a typical example of an everyday sinner, but I pray to God every night to beg for forgiveness. Even though I am trying hard to remember and follow God’s commandments and Bible principles on teaching, I cannot escape the temptations from Satan and I sin, and sin. Therefore I can say that I am not deserved to have this Mercy.

Second, the Mercy from God is unconditional. God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us so that we have eternal life. Similarly, his Mercy is also another form of His Love to us. My experience was that, the Mercy happened in the form of dreams starting in late September 2014. At that time I was under tremendous daily pressure, and these series of dreams actually reinforced my relationship with God, and they helped me to overcome the time of difficulties, and pressure. My faith was becoming stronger and stronger, and my boldness to work and speak up for God was also strengthened. All I can say is, I had not done anything specially for the betterment of the Churches at that time, and I was a normal Catholic, and seldom went to Church. But however, God gave me these dreams without asking me to do anything in return, or because of anything I had done before. It was pure love, a love that was unconditional.

Third, the Mercy from God is a gift. The SUPPORT I had mentioned in another blog was clearly a special gift from God as I guessed very few people would have these same experiences. The SUPPORT was in fact so special, that had inspired me to write a blog spanning a total 174 days. I guess that many bloggers would have the humanly idea to write a neat blog continuously, but in my humble opinion that my writings and ideas were directly, I firmly believe, inspired by God. All I had done was to accept the gift, and wrote the blog, in my own hands. And by this way, I believed I had already done God’s work, that is to spread the Love, the Good News to my audiences.

How blessing is that I have God’s love and gift to spread His words. My do is to write a blog, what’s yours?