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The Journey: The Support Distraction 3.8.2018

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After about a week of resting, here I come again, with a blog post today. And guess what, it was the SUPPORT that I had after a series of bad dreams this early morning and afternoon, and after a meeting with an elder of a church. We talked about how those 12 apostles, and especially Peter, who denied knowing Jesus, following the arrest of Jesus. I asked the elder, and subsequently, my boss, who is also a knowledgeable Christian, if even Peter, the main spokesman of the Church, did make mistakes, how about us? After some 2.5 hours of discussion, we came to the conclusion that if he made mistakes, that means he had acted as a negative model, and we have to learn from his mistakes, and should refrain from doing them again. If Peter denied Jesus, then we should keep our commitment to God and Jesus, even if we are in a choice of life and death scenario. If Peter did not have enough faith on Jesus’s miracles, we have to trust in the Lord. This is the way to learn from the characters of the Bible. We have to follow Jesus’s teachings, and we have to prevent ourselves from doing the wrong things that the Bible’s characters had done in the past.

Having said that, I had strong SUPPORT after eating my dinner. For at least a week, I had not felt the SUPPORT, specifically during this time period. I don’t know the reasons, but I believe God was giving me the SUPPORT today because I had some bad dreams, and He gave me the SUPPORT to keep me afloat. Having listened to the music for quite some time, I had strong energy and enthusiasm, and I told myself, “James, I am done tonight, just enjoy the SUPPORT for the rest of the night, with God. Rejoice every moment.” And then I switched on and watched a movie, with the SUPPORT. After some 10 minutes of the movie, there was the scene of a naked woman. Then suddenly the strong SUPPORT was gone. What left behind was, I was still powerful, but the enthusiasm was gone. After this disappointing incident, I then switched off the movie, and the strong SUPPORT was with me again. What I observed was that the SUPPORT, I believe, was God’s given power, but there may be outside forces that can affect me using this power. My experience today tells me that, don’t give in to sin, no matter it is a big or a small one, sinning has, I believe, a negative effect to using the power, at times, to work for and with God.

The Journey: Your Support 14.7.2018

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Today’s feeling was like a roller coaster ride to me. In the morning I had several dreams which gave me support for the morning and the afternoon. I was in great shape then, as I felt God’s mental and physical SUPPORT to me. However, it was a different scenario at night. The pressure and worries were building up, strongly, and this emotional invasion was some attack that I had not felt for a long time. My commitment to writing one blog post in two days was beginning to crumble, because of the worries, as today midnight will be the deadline to finish writing a blog post. I was about to give up and call my close friends, though few, to look for support. During this difficult period, I knew that God was with me, but I still felt the lonely feeling I hadn’t felt for quite sometime. Then I read one of our fellow bloggers’ blog post, about we have to follow strictly Jesus’s teachings, daily, continuously, and realize that Jesus was the perfect example of the way we should adhere to. Instantly, I switched on the computer and continued my writing journey, again, writing this blog post, with energy and enthusiasm. The fellow blogger’s blog post had given me the support that before only God has given me. I could not, until now, realize that support from fellow bloggers can be that rewarding, also. Then I switched on the music and listened to the music that in the past gave me a victory against the evil side of emotions. And I knew that presently there was another overwhelming victory against the evil side, in my mind.

Thank you, fellow bloggers. You all not only gave me a strong lift to let me have my confidence and energy again, and more importantly to again remind myself that my commitment has to be met, whatever challenges, difficulties, temptations, and excuses. A job has to be done. To our fellow bloggers who are writing for and with God who has given us our writing abilities, do not be disheartened. Remember that God will be with you, and if anyone of you are in difficulties or need any support, you can write a comment to me, and I will try to write an inspiring piece to help you. I am sure other fellow bloggers will be happy to do the same also. Again, we have to remember to continue our writing, because God is giving us the inspiration and the experiences. Do not disappoint Him. We have a job to do. And we are doing for and with Him.

The Fifth Love and Hate System: 19.6.2018

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I soon found out today that once I was in the hate system, I was powerless. And the only solution is to take a rest, preferably to sleep for a while, or wait for the help from God.

I had a great morning today, as I had full support all this while. I was energetic, enthusiastic, and worked with a flair that was better than most other mornings. However, I considered that I was not in the love system this morning, as I did not feel any special lovely feelings or visualization. However, the support this morning had already enabled me to enjoy the morning work with joy and dedication.

The tide turned in the afternoon. As usual, I took a nap after lunch, and during this period I had some five to seven dreams. One of them was a bad dream, and I knew instantly that it would affect my afternoon work, in a negative way. During the first hour of my afternoon work, I kept telling myself, “Don’t let the bad dreams affect me, don’t let the fear and hate consume me, try to use any suitable method to prevent myself from falling into the hate system.” Easier said than done, I was gradually being moved into the hate system. My mood and emotions were in negative territory, and the hate had risen from my heart to my head, and it affected my working ability and my communication with colleagues. At 4:30pm, I was fully in the hate system and I was powerless against it.

Reflecting on today’s happenings, all I can say is once I am moved or been “pushed” into the hate system, there is nothing I can do, except taking a rest or waiting for a miracle from God to happen. It would be very awkward to sleep while I was working, but the mental miracle did happen in the past, which I believe was from God, who “pulled” me out of the hate system and to the love system. But this miracle did not happen today, and I believe there must be a reason behind the previous time when he gave me a “pull”, which led me to the love system.

In conclusion, to my readers, forget about the mastery of fear or hate, and instead of trying to spend time and effort to conquer the hate, wisely use your time and energy when you are in love, i.e. inside the love system, and you will achieve your special role. And this special role is not merely a job you are doing for yourself, you are actually doing a job with God, I believe. When I am inside the love system, I know that God is with me, and most probably this time period, with the SUPPORT, God is overseeing me in doing a special responsibility I have to act for Him on earth. Similiar to a concert or an opera, you have already entered the arena, of the love system, are you prepared to act while there may be so many spectators cheering for you? Are you ready to use this precious time to do some once in a lifetime work with God? I am given the honour and the SUPPORT to act, are you prepared?

The Fourth Love and Hate System: 18.6.2018

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Today marked another day of great SUPPORT, a big collapse and then followed by a sizable recovery.

I had dinner in Times Square Pizza Express with my mum tonight. And during this time, I had four extraordinary happenings. The first SUPPORT came after I had ordered the meal, I was filled with power and enthusiasm, and I knew I was wielding power in the peace system. After a while, the second SUPPORT arrived. I was very emotional, and I started to cry. I realized that the reason why I cried was that somehow, I believe, God was with me. And I felt his love today that in the past I had not felt before. I perceived I was in the love system, and I could not control my tears. On the third occasion, my tears had stopped, but I knew I was wielding a power and I visualize a big victory, something like 5-1, against the evil. The feeling was not as strong as before, but I knew it was enough to defeat the evil side, for a certain time. However, as I thought I had won the war against the evil up to now, I then had a reversal of feelings and the realization of the revenge of the evil feeling. Just by one thought, I mean one thought, my mind was moved into the hate system, and everything collapsed, in my mind. It was like jumping from a cliff and I felt I had lost the mental battle. This kind of circumstances had happened in the past, and normally I would suffer both physically and mentally while returning home.

However, today was very different and a milestone victory against the evil emotion and the physical attack. When I was walking to the MTR station to take a train, I felt the SUPPORT, and I knew I returned to the peace system from the hate system. All the while during the trip home, I felt the power and a miraculous physical healing which enabled me to properly function myself. This had not happened before as everytime when there was a collapse of mind when I was fully in the hate system, I couldn’t do anything to defend against it, and a certain doom would happen, and I was done for the rest of the time. However this time around, I was “pulled”, I believe, from God to the peace system and I had been healed from the physical attack.

Reflecting on today’s happenings, I believed that I was working for God, during the time when I had three times of SUPPORT with me. I was beaten by the bad emotion at the end of the meal, but that was not over for my work today. God gave me the SUPPORT, I believe, and I felt the power and energy at the time when I was returning home and when I took a shower after I went home. Even up to now, while I was writing this blog post, I felt the SUPPORT also. Truly, I had the great honour to have the SUPPORT and also working for God today, I believe.

The Journey: Support Work 15.5.2018

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Having made the “give all” decision, and not regretting a single moment for the last few days, today I did have a change of heart. My heart for Jesus and God does not change, and will never change, but there are the priorities and the view of what is more important, to me and those close to me.

If you have read another blog post of mine, The Journey: Love Support 6.5.2018, you can see that I had experienced a kind of “SUPPORT” from God, I firmly believe, from time to time. The SUPPORT happened most of the time when I was under big and sometimes huge pressure, which enabled me to change from a mental abyss to a mental summit, and gave me energy and enthusiasm to work even better during my work times. Today morning we had a meeting, which talked about our new accounting system. And being one of the team members who was responsible for typing in the data, I was then to give a demonstration of the typing in procedures in front of about seven colleagues. I was very weak, in the past, to give a public demonstration, and today I was supposed to give an English presentation, which usually frightened me a lot. However, when I thought of the way Peter and other Apostles gave speeches in the past, I today got the confidence and indeed the power to give the presentation in a way that far exceeded my previous expectation. And I was amazed at the way, the flow and the tenacity of my speech that I knew that my speech was “given” with the help of God. It was He who enabled me to make the speech in a flawless way, He helped me and was with me.

Reflecting on this speech afterward, I realized of an important finding of the SUPPORT. The SUPPORT happened was, I firmly believe, in fact, a “time” in which I was supposed to do God’s work. So that every time when I have the SUPPORT, whether it is when I am working, walking in the street, taking a shower, or accompanying my wife to sleep, it is a time I have to work for God. My understanding is, this Godly given power, is given to me so that I have to perform for God at that particular moment. So having realized this, I now come to the conclusion that I have a role to do, on earth, to work for God at particular moments. I may need to work better when I have the SUPPORT at work, or I have to talk to my wife with more dedication when I have the SUPPORT while accompanying her to sleep. I am now 24 hours on alert to work for Him, based on the timing of the SUPPORT that He gives me. My rationale is, the SUPPORT does not happen and given to me randomly, but a Godly lifting to me so that I can, at those time, be better at work, or give a speech, for example. Either it is only a help, or a wake-up call to my thinkings at those times, or I have to work for Him, and I choose to believe in the latter, as today’s SUPPORT for my speech was thus a work for God, on earth.

Because of this blessing and mercy, my second thought is it is more important for me to work for God, because working for Him on earth will affect many lives on earth, rather than give away my everything, to show my love to Him, in one go. At this moment, it is my working age, my responsibility is to work with all of my focus, and my giving all can be deferred at a later time, when I have fully retired from working on earth for God. I know that I have never a moment of doubt of my decision to give all, but currently is not the right time to do such a thing. But God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind, and I know that performing your will is more important, presently, than I give everything to you. I promise I will do my best since you give me mercy and the gift to work for you on earth, and I will not disappoint you. Again thanks for everything.

The Journey: Ask Part One

This blog posting was about “asking” God for guidance. Please refer to another blog post of mine 4 days ago by clicking this: The Journey: Ask 5.5.2018

And once again I am quoting Matthew 7:7 as a reference to my explanation of my asking from God:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If you have read my previous blog post on 5.5.2018 with the above link, I did “ask” God for His word, guidance, and way. And at that time, when I had asked Him, in less than 5 seconds, I saw a hand-written word: Children. Then we fast forward to yesterday afternoon, and I asked God again, while I was sleeping. This time I dreamt of 2 things, the first was an image of a child holding hand with an adult, and a pink and white bag.

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So the “children” dream was confirmed and I then realized that the dream of the pink and white bag can be interpreted as a worldly material possession, and a support from God. For normal people and non-mature Christians, they should be very happy about this. They would think, well, I have asked God, and now He shows me something He would give to me, and it is a nice and beautiful bag, how loving is our God. But if you think this way, it is wrong, I mind you, you are thinking of the wrong way. Please take a look at Matthew 6:33

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

This passage reminds us that, we have to seek first his kingdom and righteousness, then the “gift” will be given to you. Rather than dwelling on the happiness of rejoicing over His gift to you, which in my case is a pink and white bag and support, we should instead keep “asking” Him to teach us His kingdom and righteousness and at the same time keep “asking” Him to show us the way of “seeking” them. He might give you an answer to your first request, or He may reveal His will to you in a gradual way. So do not be discouraged or disheartened if He does not answer your prayer the first few times or give you some answers which might appear vague in nature. Keep in faith that He will answer your prayer at a pre-determined time and patiently wait for His calling.

Another way of interpreting the “asking” in my example is, I should be relieved that as long as I am doing God’s will, and seeking his kingdom and righteousness, I should not worry about worldly resources that most people are looking after. Just before Jesus sent out His twelve disciples, He asked them not to worry about resources. Please read Matthew 10:9-11

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts—no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep. Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave.”

Jesus said to them, do not worry about what you eat, drink or how much gold, silver or copper you have, just keep on going to each town and find the “worthy” person, and you then have a place to stay and things to eat. Jesus was reminding them that they should focus their mind and time on preaching, and not on always thinking of ways to earn more money. This is certainly true and applies to our daily life as well. Instead of thinking of ways to earn more money by our own worldly method, we should be relying on God by first asking and seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness, then we will find our needed resources. And be content, enough resources should be enough, and do not be tempted by having more and more wealth, because money is a by-product of our asking and seeking, rather than the main aim of us, and our way of life.

In my case, I have never doubted of my financial future, as I know God will give me appropriate provision, and I am also not worried about my future health expenses, because I believe in God. Please see my previous blog post on Health by clicking this: The Journey: Health 2.5.2018. I know as long as I still have a role on earth to serve God and human, I never doubt for a single minute about the resources that God would provide. And if my mission, that is my life, on earth was accomplished, I would be happy to get retired anytime soon, as I know my whole life has been well spent for God, and I am proud to have done God’s will and glorify Him on earth.




The Journey: Love Support 6.5.2018

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Today I am going to talk about Love and Support, from God.

Just like yesterday, I woke up at around 9:15am this morning. I had dreams as usual, and some of them were bad dreams, coupled with some light dreams. One of the dark dreams was a word which meant suffering, and pain. For normal people, who do not have a relationship with God, they will view this dream as a nightmare to them. They may say, what matters more than the safety of our lives, and the continuity of our enjoyment in worldly material things? But let me tell you that we Christians think in another way. We live to glorify God on earth, we live to be the servants of God, and we help and do good to our neighbours. Therefore our lives are dedicated to God, and we live to believe and work with God on earth.

Going back to the suffering dream this morning, if I continue to walk the narrow road ahead, there will be possibilities of pain and suffering, to me. But I kept on telling myself, as I had already convinced myself, that God’s work on earth is more important than anything else. The possibility of God’s work on earth or spreading the good news is thus more important than the worldly enjoyment of money, power and wealth, to me.

After that, I started to go to Sunday mass at 12 noon. I arrived early, and during the first 15 minutes of the Mass, I was very emotional to the extent I cried out, because I knew I was a sinner. I could not stop my tears, until the moment came, the moment I felt the feeling of “Support”. That was the moment when the pastor was teaching John 15:9-17 which talked about “Love”. At this time, I suddenly felt a changing of the emotion, from depression to enthusiasm. My tears were gone, and the result was that I had felt some sort of “Support” which enabled me to forget about all the wrongdoings, and gave me a mental uplift so that I could enjoy the following time of the mass with energy and enthusiasm. The important implication of this incident was that, once again, and I firmly believe, God had shown me his “Love” when I was in a mental abyss and He let me endure the depression at the “worldly pace” and performed a “mental miracle”, I believe, to give me a confirmation of His love to me, at the right place and at the right time. Although this “Support” had happened before several times already, none of my previous experiences can match today’s confirmation. It’s worth to know that I do not have a chance to follow Jesus in His ministry, but I am grateful for God’s love to me, and hope to have the great honour to work with Him, on earth. To conclude, I would like to quote a phrase from Matthew 8:18-20

When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake. Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

Following Jesus in the past was a difficult act, as “Jesus had no place to lay his head”, and I believe by traveling the narrow road and work with God would not be an easy act either. But I have the drive and boldness, both were blessed and given with my journey with God, so far, and are ready to learn and in future do what I am supposed to do for the betterment of the Church and humanity. Thank God again.