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Writing: The First Training 27.7.2018

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Are you learning to be a writer? Are you going to study for a journalism degree? Are you looking at various ways to learn how to write? I cannot answer these questions for you, but I can relate my own experiences for you as a reference.

About 30 days ago, I first heard the phrase in a dream talking about a company with its staff having shared a specific attribute, or gift. I did not understand the implications of this phrase at that time, except I thought God was telling me to find a job with a company that has staff with the above-mentioned attribute. But all along I had no idea where to start, and I just have to wait, waiting for God’s guidance and leading. Today finally the question was solved. It is a newspaper company. A newspaper company that is situated in the United States. Is it the will of God that I should apply for a job in this company? For the time being, I do not think so, as my English, as compared to a native person, is not that good and fluent.

Then what should I do, having known this still not-yet-fully-solved will of God? I then think of a usual way to let me get acquainted with this company, I can read first the memoir of the head of this company and another book that tells the same story but written by another author. However, the very surprising thing is that God is telling me not to read these two books, through the Fighting Heart incident, see The Fourth Fighting Heart System 24.7.2018, and a dream today. I believe He is warning me in some of the strongest terms not to read these two books. But if I have to learn of this company, why am I supposed not to read the books of the founder’s autobiographies? I think this is a wisdom I cannot comprehend for the time being, but all I need to do is to follow God’s leading and guidance, not to read these two books.

I think God is telling me to selectively read the news report from this newspaper. And I believe God is leading me to read the newspaper and learn from their writers’ writing vocabulary and style. As He is forbidding me to read the two books, I think from tomorrow on I will only focus on the news reporting from this newspaper, and learn from them. For other local news or other news reporting, I will just read only the headlines. This is the way I believe how God wills my training in writing, and I know I am going to learn from some of the best minds in this industry, and are in some ways related to me.

I believe that as I am somehow related to this newspaper company, my learning from their reporters will further sharpen and polish my competitive advantage: writing with SUPPORT. For the time being, I can only say that I am led to this right track, and I am really grateful that God leads me the way forward. To my readers: Have you found your mentors? Have you found the materials to follow to be a good writer? Believe in God and He will show you the way.

The Fifth Fighting Heart System: 25.7.2018

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After the strong SUPPORT and Fighting Heart (FH) yesterday, today at 12:08pm I felt the SUPPORT and FH again. However, compared to the four previous days, today’s feeling was only a slight feeling of the given power. I did not feel any special feeling and enthusiasm, and the feeling was only mediocre. Regardless of the lesser degree of the feeling, I can still achieve the work before the deadline today, but, I believe, without God’s given power to me all along the journey. One thing that was worth the notice was that, subsequent to the initial lesser feeling at 12:08pm, at 12:41pm and 1:17pm I again felt the SUPPORT and FH. But on these two occasions again the feeling was also not as strong as yesterday. I believe that God was communicating His will to me, through the feeling, and in a way telling me the degree or extent of the strongness of the feeling to me. Obviously, yesterday’s feeling was much stronger than today. Was it that yesterday’s happenings represent, I believe, a much more important event that might happen in the future, than today’s happenings? Or that the time of the feelings today shows me the degree of significance in respect of the experiences today as compared to the stronger feeling yesterday? We will see tomorrow.

Just a recap on yesterday’s experience, see The Fourth Fighting Heart System 24.7.2018. My explanation is that, I believe, God is telling me that I cannot and must not, in the future, overdo things. I believe He is telling me to only fulfill His will, as He is constantly communicating with me through feelings and dreams, and do no more than that. Follow the rules, and not do something that is not required of Him. And I believe, He will give me the power to do for and with Him.

The First Bible Study: 22.7.2018

An Opened Bible on a Table in a Green Garden

After losing the last minute war in the Fighting Heart System yesterday, I turned my full attention to studying the Bible today.

Today I was reading Matthew 16:21-28. And ten days ago I had a dream about three girls inside a train that somehow pointed to today’s happenings. At that time I did not know what were the implications of the dream, until today afternoon. Was it a coincidence, or that the dream about a train was the teaching that God told me to pay extra and special attention?

The relevant Scripture that I had quoted was about the prediction that Jesus must be killed and on the third day be raised to life, and Peter’s reaction to it. Continue in Matthew 16:22-23

22 Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!” 23 Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

Yesterday I had read Matthew 16:13-20 and I actually put myself in the role of Peter in the story, which was implied by God, I believe, through a series of dreams. I believed that God was telling me to put myself in the seat of Peter, and leading to today’s teaching of the things that were said by Peter, as in 16:22, rather than what was said by Jesus, as in 16:23. I am not trying to say that Peter’s confession was more important than Jesus’s teaching, but just that there was something relevant in Peter’s words that God wanted me to know today. Although I admit that I cannot be an apostle, somehow I know that I still have important vocations to do for and with God. And today I believed God led me to know the phrase of 16:22 that was listed above. The passage tells us that Peter began to “rebuke” Jesus. It tells us the story that he still, up to this stage, was not wise enough to believe that Jesus had to die for us. He was thinking of human concerns but not the concerns of God. Both 16:22 and 16:23 represent important saying by Peter and the teachings of Jesus, but which one of them was the will of God to me that I should learn?

The dream of the “3” girls in a “train” probably, I believe, explained my situations today. First, today was the 22nd of July. That’s the first 22. And Matthew 16:22. That’s the second 22. And then the time when I was reading this passage was 1:22pm. That’s the third 22. Therefore, God had told me, I believe, that I had to pay extra attention to Matthew 16:22 today, and probably something about the “rebuke” that Peter had made to Jesus. But why and what? We will see.

The Journey: Solution, World System 19.5.2018

Male and female hikers climbing up mountain cliff and one of them giving helping hand.

Today I am going to describe how the World and its underlying education system have failed some of our students and teenagers, who are supposed to be our future leaders. Please read Proverbs 3:6

“in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

This passage talks about the need for us, whether I am a primary or secondary school student, a 20’s something up to the day before we die, we need to follow Jesus’ teachings, follow the ten commandments, and his new Commandment of “Love, service, and sacrifice for one another”, then God will make our path straight. “Straight path” means going the right way, making the right decisions that please God, and the path will lead us to God, heaven and eternal life. And it is a straight path, with fewer chances to be led astray by other people.

Speaking of being led astray or misled, I feel sorrow and empathy to those teenagers who are between the age of 10 to 20’s. At this time period, they are starting to experience, see and feel the world, but given that their Biblical foundations are normally not strong enough, they are very vulnerable to the trap of Satan, and in our world from those evil individuals. The situation is even worse for those extra talented good kids, who are most susceptible to the evil deeds of the dark side. The dark side and the evil one will use all of their available armies and resources to attack these innocent kids, and since these kids normally have not heard of the Bible, or believe in Jesus, how do they get themselves to put on the whole “armour of God”, Ephesians 6:10-18, to defend themselves, and just by themselves?

And because our Education system is like the teens spend around 6 hours at school, who they associate with will probably decide their journey when they finish college. And because they spend so much time in school, they do have fewer opportunities to read the Bible, and so these kids are seriously tilted towards the worldly knowledge. After finishing school at 3pm and then doing 1-2 hours of classwork, they usually have no further time to study the Bible, given they have to do attend extra tuition classes like language or art, or do some sports. And given that most Moms and Dads have work to do, and they have to attend to their problems after work, such as studying and cooking, they have fewer time to communicate with their child. In this way, when the child has a problem, a religious problem, under the current worldly and education system, the answer for them will probably be from their friends. Do you expect an 11-year-old kid can and wise enough to solve a problem that involves difficult concepts? And will the child be misled by some other evil people who take pride to cheat others and laugh away after their “teaching” or “consultation”? They need your help, all your help, and this is the time we can do something extra to have a debate on how to change the world.

After talking with a few teachers, I can propose a fix, a serious one. People talk about fixing the system, but I think, for the time being, we can only improve the system. In Hong Kong, our Education Bureau had just recently announced the arrangement of “one school social worker for each school” policy in primary schools. The proposal is to make it mandatory to have one social worker to cater to the needs and problems of those school’s students that they are responsible. This is certainly a big improvement in the student-counselor relationship, but it is still a far cry from solving the real situations of the students: they need one on one consultation from Christians who know the implications and teaching of the Bible. In the current state, there are around 30% of our population who are Christians, normal Christians who go to church regularly and who may or may not know the Bible main messages or focus. And probably only 5% of our population regularly read the Bible and are ready to teach the younger people about the Bible. So you see only 5% of our population can give a special counseling to the 11% of the population who are young kids. So currently the ratio is 1 to 2. The maximum solution is to have 1 Christian for 2 kids.

As a result, if we want to help our next generation to become God-fearer and to save them from the onslaught from the attack of the evil one, our most immediate solution is to encourage and motivate more mature people to read and learn from the Bible, to the ultimate state that they can teach others. And when time comes and everything points to the possibility and probability of a fixation, we can then change the system gradually to have a one on one teaching, in terms of teaching the good news from God to these kids. I think this is the only solution to help these potentially troubled kids, but which means that every Christian is not only a Bible reader in their lives anymore but become a preacher and counselor to every child on earth, whether this is paid or voluntary. If every one of us takes the extra step to spend some 30 minutes each day on these teenagers, we can change the world to the better, and our actions will please and glorify God and He will make our path straight.

However, such vision or act is just like an umbrella to solve the problems of these troubled kids. If they require special consultation, they probably need specially trained counselor to solve their problems, and it is probably too much of a high order to expect the preaching of the good news can solve every problem, such as the provision of food, or the pressure from school and friends. But since God willed the city of Nineveh to be preached to turn from non-believers to believers in God, by the act of only one person Jonah, we Christians have to believe ourselves and God. We just have to try our best and hopefully, when the time comes, the solution will be presented, in time.

The Journey: Give All Decision Part One

Donate Word Wall

We all have personal needs and responsibilities. By talking about needs it means that we have to have a job, or ways to find money and income. We have to find a shelter in the form of housing to stay, and need to have adequate education to our siblings and considerations for our retired parents as well. This is probably a normal duty to each one of us, we just have to do it to sustain our lives. The worldly thinking is that not only we need to sustain our lives, we desire to earn and make more money, to satisfy our ego and our fleshly desire. We need to find ways to gain more power and status, that is the norm. And this is wrong, and not a choice we can make. Please read Matthew 6:24

“You cannot serve both God and money”

Again, we have to take a stand: Either God or money. In this way, our main duty to God is to make a living to provide our own necessary needs and then, using our gifts, which are from God, to better use them to fulfill our responsibilities to our society, our church and anyone that we can be of help. Many people may think that, well, I have done my part, I have a decent job, and have enough provisions for my immediate families, go to church regularly, and donate to some charities, what more should I do? Please understand the concept of “gifts”: If you have them, you are required to use them to do good. Again, this is not a choice. I will talk about the parable of the bags of gold in Matthew 25:14-30 tomorrow to further illustrate this point. For the time being, just note the needs that everyone has to earn enough money and the responsibilities that one has to perform.

I was talking to one of my aunties today regarding my “Give all decision” made three days ago, and we had a long talk on this one. Please refer to my previous blog post on this decision: The Journey: Give All Decision 10.5.2018, If I give up all of my belongings, including all my wealth away, how am I supposed to fulfill my daily needs, and further about responsibilities for anyone? You can, by believing this: Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

You don’t need to worry or be afraid, even if you are temporary jobless or bankrupt, just have faith that when you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, what you will eat, drink and wear will be given to you. So cheer up, and to those who worry or have doubts of their uncertain future, please don’t worry, God will give you provisions, you just have to have faith and to do what the Bible teaches. And how the Bible teaches us about daily provisions? By praying to God daily. Please see Matthew 6:11-13 on how we should pray, and note that we should ask Him to give us our daily bread:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

I had made a decision of quitting a job with a bright prospect and to give up all my current wealth away, to show God how I love him that much. This is a pure decision, and a 10 seconds one which will make my whole life blessed and happy. Most people will say, well, I am forgoing all my wealth that I had accumulated all my life, will I be happy? My answer is there is a big difference between loving worldly wealth and loving God. Once you are in a loving relationship with God, nothing, and I mean nothing will it matter to you anymore. I am saying this based on my personal experience and I think there are many in this world will claim that the “Love of God” is more important than your wealth. I am asking you to give it a try, try to establish a loving relationship with God, and you will feel the total difference. The important step is to step up on the path that God has planned for you.

Having said this, after I made this decision, I have never a doubt that I can still survive in the future, as long as I seek His kingdom and righteousness and pray regularly, I have complete faith that all will be given to me. I am not worried, because I believe. Once I believe, I will start reading the Bible, follow Jesus’s teaching and humbly walk with God. Having made the sacrifice, I firmly believe I will have a bright prospect and a good future in my road ahead. My needs will be catered, from God, and my gift, which is to write this blog, will be further polished and improved, in the coming days, to faithfully work with God on earth, for spreading the Good news, as my main responsibility. Are you impressed? Read my previous blog post on The Journey: Give All Decision 10.5.2018 and think for yourself. Don’t first think of the returns and costs, and think “purely”, is your choice based on the love of God? Is your relationship with Him bigger than any other considerations?

The Journey: Love or Hate 12.5.2018

Words Love and Hate on contrast background

Having made the “Give it all” decision two days ago, I can proudly say that I am now a person in love, with God. As we have looked into Mark 12:41-44, the widow gave away everything, her only two very small copper coins, to the church. I am not trying to boast her or my generosity, because it was stated in Matthew 6:2-4

So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

After all, I am trying to share with you all the great love that we should give to God, and my example is a once in a lifetime sacrificial giving all to God, to show Him how I love Him that much. The majority of the people may say, well, I go to church regularly, read the Bible daily and give to the church or the needy at times, why do I have to go to the extreme and give everything to God? I don’t know whether you should or not, but it is my choice. And mind you, after I make this Bold and Loving choice, I feel the love and become emotional every time I think of this. And this occasion becomes a celebratory moment privately between me and God. You cannot imagine how blessed I am, and how happy I will be, I firmly believe.

Having talked about “The Love”, I now turned to the opposite, “Hate”. Hate is actually a normal human emotion and sometimes you cannot escape it. This morning I went with my family to Megabox to have breakfast, and during all these time I was always in a loving mode, so to speak. The loving mode is a mental state in which I felt happy, grateful, and loving. I enjoyed these times of love and hoped that it would continue throughout the day. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be the case. For some 10 minutes, I had a sudden surge of hatred rising from my heart. I cannot control it, and it destroyed my whole loving mode. And it damaged my spiritual direction as well. See 1 John 2:11

But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.

As the Scripture says, if you hate a brother or a sister, you are in the darkness. And the darkness has blinded you and you were walking without spiritual direction. Imagine you have been misled alone, and again, to a forest or a desert, with no one to guide you out, what can you do? Even if you choose a direction and walk along, you might be going nowhere. Having a parent who holds your hand to walk is the same as we humbly walking with God, He will allow you to choose your direction of life, whether it is right or wrong, he will oversee it, and will not stop reminding you when you have chosen the wrong path or direction. His best plan is to lead you to eternal life, by sending Jesus to die for us to forgive our sins and giving you the Bible. When you read the Bible, not only will you change your way of life, but you will know the direction of life which will lead you to God. Hating someone will put yourself in a situation that you will waste your time walking along the wrong path, like alone in a desert or forest, and leads you nowhere. You will be walking the bright path when you are in love, or the dark path when you have hate. The choice is yours, “Love or Hate”?

The Journey: Children 11.5.2018

Little boy reading a book under big linden tree

Today was a normal working day, except the unexpected, and the unfortunate thing had happened, once again. This morning and afternoon, while I was working, I was facing some of the biggest pressure for quite some time. The pressure was so huge, and so colossal to the extent that it was like I was at the bottom of a mountain, with the water flowing down from a fountain, except that the water was not of the light type which nourished our skin, but of a dark type which was like many knives hitting me all at the same time. What can I do? Though I was sitting in a comfortable chair, I simply cannot work. I got up, walked around, didn’t help. I tried to eat something, didn’t help either. I went to the toilet, didn’t help again. What could I do? All I could do is to believe and to rely on God. And I knew God was with me, and my faith was strong that I knew He would do something for me. On three occasions, He gave me a SUPPORT, to sustain me, to help me to change my mind from a mental abyss to a strong mental summit, giving me energy and enthusiasm to continue working and most importantly, gave me a shield of force that dissipated these destructive dark power.

Today’s happenings reminded me of a child, an innocent and gifted child who is sitting under a tree, waiting for his parents to come and teach him things, with the Bible. And guess what, some evil people having climbed up the trees, throw a basket of water to the head of the child, and made him cry out for help, and these people, having seen this incident, run away and laughing all the way. They did not know that they had committed a big sin. Please look at Matthew 18:3

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

This is simply self-explanatory, you have to change to become little children.

And again please look at Matthew 18:6

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

What the Bible says is please don’t trick small children, or else you pay the price of being drowned in the depths of the sea.

Going back to my happenings today, it was God that had rescued me, through a mental miracle, to allow me to continue my working with power and energy. And because I believe in Him, I no longer afraid of those evil people or any evil or dark force, which may be from Satan, that are around me, because I know God is with me, and their petty little tricks will not harm me anymore and I really believe God will take care of me. For us, Christians, even we are of minority status, we do not need to be afraid of Satan and the evil people, if we believe in God, and follow the ways of Jesus Christ, we will prevail, and will lead a difficult but fruitful and rewarding life.