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The Journey: Loving Relationship 26.7.2018

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Today I read about a fellow blogger’s acknowledgment of a loving relationship with God. Can you proudly tell everyone that you have a loving relationship with Him? At times when you occasionally do not feel the love of God, can you maintain your composure and admit that God’s best plan for you is in place?

God’s love for us is the biggest and best love that you can have in this world. Not only is it rewarding and satisfying, it is not a love that we can gain in this world. The love which is unconditional, and certainly not a transaction which is a normal phenomenon in our married adult’s life. However, I believe different people have different ways of feeling God’s love. For me, it is a reminder of my purpose and meaning of my life’s on earth: to work for and with God to achieve His will.

Somehow I always believe that working for and with God is one of the most important vocations in my life. Every time when I am in a down mode, whenever I am frustrated, and whenever I am about to lose faith, God will give me the feeling and the recognition of myself in His will, and tell me the following steps to work for and with Him, that is to do His will. Imagine when you are the son of a committing father, who comforts you when you have experienced a bad day in school and takes the effort to buy you a gift during this difficult period. This is what God has given me, every time and day when I am in a negative emotion, He will always give me a reassuring hug and give me a mental gift, the next minute, hour or day. He is telling me that, our love is not a transaction, and He will never leave me alone and will be there at the most critical moment. He will have a way to make me happy again, and His love is surely the best plan for me.

There should be times in our life in which we have doubts about God’s love during trials. Has God left me alone when I am sick with a disease? With the world laughing at me, has he abandoned me to face the world alone? For the previous five working days, I had felt God’s SUPPORT and Fighting Heart in these working mornings. However, I didn’t feel anything special today. Was he deserting me? No certainly not. He is always with me, whatever the difficult circumstances. And the fact that I didn’t feel anything special has a meaning, a wisdom that I cannot comprehend. The only way is to believe that it is God’s best plan for us. We just have to believe. And my frustration in the morning was rewarded with one of the best initial feelings while I was writing this blog in the afternoon. He gave me the strong feeling so that I could perform work for Him with love and caring although I was in difficult mental status. And today’s writing period was a time when I obviously felt a support when I was writing and has never happened before. And I believe this is another milestone for me. Will I feel the support when I write tomorrow? We will see.

I can proudly say that, whenever I am in a down mood and pressure that makes me worried, He will always, using His effort, to keep me afloat with various methods, and I strongly believe this is the best plan for me. I am starting to believe that I am at the happiest not because I am always facing an easy road ahead, but when every time I face difficulties in the narrow road ahead, He will “give me a lift”, by reminding me of his love and my role in His will.

If it is not the fact that I did not feel anything this morning, I would probably not have felt the love and encouragement when I was writing this blog post in the afternoon. His plan is really amazing. I felt His love, have you?

Give All: Working Part One

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After yesterday’s blog post about giving all in my part-time role as a blogger, today I experienced a great day. Not only my physical being was energetic, my mind was also very enthusiastic. The worries had dissipated. The uncertainty had gone. And what came was a peace of mind and strong SUPPORT.

Today was one of the happiest days of my life. And today’s happiness and joyful mind were driven by a single factor, that I am having a responsibility in God’s work. It is not about how much money I can make. It is not about how long I can live. And it is not about how much worldly status and power that I can have. It is all about working for God, to be one of His tools to make the world a better place.

Yesterday I talked about how a fictitious father who prepared everything for His son in order that he can raise his son up so that the kid can be strong enough to do good and glorify God on earth. Imagine that the father has a sizable business, will the son be responsible enough to continue the development of the business and make it thriving? Or is he to take up the business to make more money? The difference is, the former is a responsibility, while the latter is to fulfil the egoistic desire.

I do not have a father who has a business for me to pick up, but I have the Father, God himself, who gives me the gift to continue writing. And why He has chosen me for this vocation? Why does He give mercy to me to let me join and work in His vineyard?

The reason is He loves me. And He loves you too. The work you do, the family that you have and any other voluntary activities that you do are all works for and with Him. Most of the time we have a choice to do or not to do something. But can we admit to ourself that, well, I have grown old enough to pick up the baton from those who ran so painstakingly in a 4×400 relay race before me? And what about if I might be the fourth and the last runner, therefore having a big responsibility to perform, will you be serious enough to be thinking, “Well, this time I have to deliver.”

Having responsibilities means having the expectation, during the journey, to work to a particular goal or target in future. The road is narrow for us, but the fact that God is with us gives us the assurance that we can know His love at all times. And God leads the way, and we grow hand in hand with our responsibilities. Every time we reach a milestone, we know that God will share His happiness with us, and then He will entrust further responsibilities to us. My example is the SUPPORT he has given me. In certain times, like today, He gave me the feeling and the joyfulness that is worth my every action to repay Him.

This is the journey of love. This is the journey of gratitude. And this is the journey of personal and collective achievements for the world. Will you be proud enough to tell everyone that you will fulfil your job for and with God, and do your responsibility to make the world a better place? Do you know that God will be with you, in times of happiness and despair? Are you prepared to perform if you may be potentially, but not consciously aware, one of the last runners in this once-in-a-lifetime relay race? Will you, in some days, give all to Him because He has given you the joyfulness during the journey, the priceless gift that only God’s love can give?

Give All: Working 18.7.2018

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Yesterday I talked about God leading me to study the Scriptures that are related to working for and with Him. After reading Matthew 25:14-30, my attention then turned to Matthew 20:1-16, the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

This parable tells us the story of several workers working for a landowner in his vineyard. The landowner had employed many workers but at different periods. Given that some workers were employed for longer working hours, they then expected to receive more than those who only worked for a few hours. But the landowner reminded them that their compensation would be the same, regardless of the hours they had worked. The point is if you are one of the workers, you may ask, why should I do more if I am paid the same?

This parable tells us that God loves every one of us. He gives us the opportunities to work for and with Him, at various point of our life. Let me then share with you my story. I started writing my blog on 13.10.2017. On that day I had first experienced the SUPPORT from God, I believe, and so I wrote them in my blog. And that’s how this blog came to life. And this was probably the job that God had given me to do when I was 41 years old. Before that, I had thought of working for Him, but I could not find what things to do for Him, without his guidance. So it’s like I was wandering in a desert, not being able to find something meaningful to work for God. After guiding me to write this blog, and reading this scripture, it is like a father who tells his son, “Junior, you have grown enough, you have experienced the difficult period, it is time for you to write and do something, to fulfil your responsibilities for our family and people that are close to us. Don’t focus on the rewards you can get, but on how much you can give.”

Not only does this father reminds his son of his abilities and responsibilities, he even prepares everything, to make sure his son can shine in his arena. He teaches him the life lessons, oversees his developments, reminds his son when he has done something wrong and gives him support that enables him to do his work with high morale and enthusiasm. He gives him a computer notebook, and constantly gives him the idea to write, and shares his happiness with him once he has done something good and whenever he reaches a milestone. And this is probably the best of parenting, to enable your son and daughters to shine on their own, to do good and glorify God on earth. And His plan is amazing.

Consider this, I had an English prize in 1993 when I was 17 years old. Then I went on my way to work as an Accounts Clerk, in the corporate world. And then fast forward to the year 2017, when I was 41 years old. When I had a house, and my son going to primary school, at this time God gave me the awakening, to start my blog. He gives me the idea, and inspiration to write for and with Him. And He knows that I have the abilities and enjoys doing such a vocation. Don’t you think this is the best plan for me? I believe. What about you, fellow bloggers? Do you know that God has a plan for you? Do you know that, by writing this blog, God has given you something worthwhile to do, for and with Him? Do you know how much He loves you, by giving you the idea and inspiration to continue writing, which may be the best personal and collective achievements?

Are you willing to give all, by focusing your full attention in your arena, and to Him, knowing that He loves you so much?

The Journey: Writing Part Three

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Today I am going to talk about “Continuous Writing”.

Today after work around 1:45pm, I went to a library to continue to do my writing for and with God. I was still committing to my goal of writing one blog post in two days, but I told myself that if I had enough idea or inspiration, I would exceed my target by writing one blog post in one day. And the idea or inspiration, that were gifts given by God, enabled me to continue to write my piece today.

Fast forward to around 2:40pm, and I was inside the library, sitting in a comfortable chair, and prepared to continue to write my piece today. Not having any specific expectation, I was only armed with the “fighting heart” to my writing. Then I started my writing. And immediately I knew what was to come for the next twenty minutes. I was typing at a very fast pace, and the idea just came up as I was writing all along. The idea was clearly, I believe, from God, because I felt the special “pop-up” that went to my mind, like a white bird flying and arriving at my mind. Not having any doubt, my strong faith told me that the idea would continue to arrive at my mind, as long as God willed the inspiration.

As I was writing in a very fast pace, I was only doing a fast draft of the blog post, with the idea that came along. Some of the words, phrases may be repetitive, but the new idea, new words just flowed along so I kept writing long passages without stopping. Once I had an idea, I continued to write down. Then once I had another idea, I continued to write down. And for the next twenty minutes, I was writing in a very fast pace and continued to do so with God’s idea, I believe.

As I had continued to write along, when was the time I had to stop writing? How would I know when was the time I could stop writing, knowing that my idea for today had run dry? I did not think of this scenario all along my writing, as I knew that I would be led by God. After writing, with concentration, for 20 minutes, I then suddenly had an instinct, telling me that it was time to stop. And at the same time, I remembered that this morning I had a dream that supported this. I knew I had made the right decision to stop today. I then went home. And after sleeping for a while, I started to do my planning for the next eight days.

The Journey: Writing Part Two

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Patience, Bible teaching, perseverance and fighting heart, are today’s topics.

We are always fighting a battle against Satan and his armies of evil individuals. They constantly attack us and tempt us to sin with their evil intentions. Their major attack is to cause fear and confusion in our mind. By doing that, we may occasionally feel bad and worried, and will, therefore, affect our everyday life and work. Have you, at any time in your career life, faced some emotional pressure that made you miserable and wanted to escape by asking for a day off while you were working?

Satan’s powerful influence on us is not only to causing fear and confusion in our mind which affects our daily life. His most powerful attack is his tempting attack, which makes us sin. And it affects our relationship with God. And the attack of Satan usually falls on those who are good and have a strong relationship with God, including children. It is most depressing, especially for younger kids, who do not have a good foundation of Bible knowledge. Their innocent thoughts and actions, who may be wrongly misled by Satan and his armies, will cause a long period of challenges to the kids’ life development, before their seemingly transformative full recovery.

However, remember that before Jesus’s preaching, He was led to be tempted by Satan. Therefore, it would be normal that our kids will be tempted in their early stages of life. The difficult thing is we have to know how to actively stand guard, help them to know what is right and wrong, and influence them to be firm in their commitment, to strictly follow Jesus’s teachings. This is important for responsible parents to teach their kids regarding those that they need to know: The truth.

Working for and with God is one of the important topics. Again we have to try to explain to every child that is related to us. The foundation. The establishment. Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us that we are entrusted with different amount of bags of gold from God and we are accountable to Him. How we define the gold differs from one another, but we have to refer strictly to the Bible, trust our heart, and our responsibilities.

Your responsibilities may be to raise up a teenager, spreading the gospel to others, and writing a blog to collectively change the world to a better place. We, writers, just have to use our gift, which is given by God, to work for and with Him. And we need to do it with perseverance and the “fighting heart.” However, we may be tempted by Satan along our journey. Sometimes we are psychologically not ready. Other times we may want to do other things instead of focusing our effort on our present work. And that means after knowing your accountability to God, every moment counts, during your writing. We have to believe that opportunities and times may be occasional, but God will give us more responsibilities if we are faithful. My sharing today is that my schedule is to write at least one blog post in two days. Is it enough? By committing one blog post each day? It’s your choice. Your choice to be faithful.

I had great pressure yesterday and today before and when writing this blog post. Do you have your unique experience to share?

The Journey: Writing Part One

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Yesterday, I talked about being good and faithful to God in our writing vocation, and He will put us in charge of many things, and share His happiness.

I believe in our writing journey, we need a writing gift, idea, and relevant experiences. Not having these qualities, we cannot write a piece that can attract people’s attention, or keep our audiences to follow along with our writing journey. However, we have to know that all these things are given by God. We cannot control the timing of the writing “awakening,” and we cannot just think up an idea by ourselves. Everything, including our gift, idea, and experiences, is inspired and led by God. What we can do is to be good and faithful to Him, then He will give us more responsibilities.

My recommendation in my blog post yesterday was that we should set up a goal, such as my resolve to writing at least one piece in two days, and stick to the schedule whatever the challenges, temptations, and excuses. After committing to God about this goal yesterday night, and actually wrote the relevant piece, I soon found out that, I believe, God had replied to my faithful attitude. He gave me a “writing awakening,” this morning, through a dream.

By saying it was an awakening means, I believe, that He told me of a potential “target audience.” By definition, when we write a blog post, we are writing to a certain number of readers, but do they belong to some of those “target audiences” that, I believe, may be uniquely willed by God?

We all have emotions, we will experience difficulties and downturns in our lives. This is not something we can control. We may experience the loss of our family member, or go through financial difficulties, or some tragic events in our life. What you need is to have “faith” in God, despite the difficulties. There is a saying, “Be calm, and do your best.” Don’t be disheartened. Don’t lose hope. Don’t allow Satan to emotionally affect your job for and with God. Stick to your schedule, write a blog post with perseverance, and be faithful to Him. He will reward you with more responsibilities.

We writers have an important job to do on earth, for and with God. Have a strong “Faith”, and you will be faithful, to Him. I have done my part to write two pieces in two days, will you? And I have felt the emotional instability when I was writing this piece today, have you?

The Journey: Writing: 7.7.2018

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Yesterday I talked about “fighting heart.” And my resolve to produce at least one piece of writing in two days with total dedication and commitment to God at the highest standard. But how does “fighting heart” helps you in your writing journey?

Matthew 25:14-30 talks about how a master, according to his three servants’ abilities, entrusted them with bags of gold to work for Him. This master and servant relationship is similar by nature to the relationship between us, as writers and God. We have to know that it was God who created us and gave us the abilities. His will includes entrusting us with different responsibilities, big or small. We have the obligations to perform, and He expects us to produce. The main important point of this parable is to be good and faithful.

Being good is a big topic and I will not elaborate much on this blog post. But generally, being good is to follow Jesus’s teachings and parables. To love God wholeheartedly, and love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We are also expected to do good to others, and serve others rather than be served. How can we writers be good? We can, we just have to have the mentality to write for and with God. We may be from different countries and different culture. We differ in our writings in topic, purposes, strategies, and style, but we should have one common goal, that is we write for and with God. If you have this mentality, then every experience and topic that you write will have the effect of contributions to glorify God on earth. Whatever the topic, whether they are traveling, food and drinks, can be powerful influencing writings to make our world a better place or encourage people to know God.

Being faithful is a personal decision on how to structure our writing life. A choice to consistently write a piece of writing, with “fighting heart.” This is similar to the fact that faithful and loyal workers often perform overtime to make sure their jobs are done. Winners usually have the fighting heart to perform, and strong will to achieve at a reasonable cost. For us, we can set ourselves a target, an achievable and a realistic one, and commit to fulfilling this goal. In my case, the target is at least one blog post in two days. We then need to stay focused on the matter at hand, and actually write the piece before the decided time frame. This is what I call “faithful”, to God, in our writing vocation. There will be temptations, distractions, and excuses to not do according to our schedule. Remember we are not accountable to ourselves, or our family anymore. Instead, we are accountable to God, and so not meeting the deadline disappoints Him.

What are the advantages or rewards to be a “good and faithful” writer? Matthew 25:23 tells us that if we are good and faithful, God will put us in charge of many things, and share His happiness. Every good writer will improve his or her writing skills and mature along with his or her unique journey, but guess what, our writing development is lead by God. How fast you learn about wordings, style and strategy, and your writing “awakening” are all decided and led by Him.

I had explained before in my previous post, our writing journey or career will be a successful one, a sure journey. But it depends on how we define the word “successfulness.” We may not be able to have more than ten thousand followers for each of us, but the fact that we can influence just one reader, and change his or her life to the better, we are already successful writers. And guess what, since all our writings are on the Internet, our writings may influence other people in the next ten to fifty years. The success of a writer, therefore, is not based on the number of followers, or the number of books he or she can sell, but knowing that we have done our best and write for and with God, who is our true boss.

In this way, every writer is a winner, just that we have to believe in God, and be good and faithful to Him. God has already given you the gift and skill of writing, the arena is now set as a result of the internet in this generation, do you want to be a winner? You can, everyone can be.